About the Artist: Beverly Brown

Artist0621April 2022 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Beverly Brown
By Kelly Hunter


In her high-rise New York City studio, Beverly Brown uses watercolors, pastels and even digital paint to create artwork in her signature ethereal style. Popular with interior designers, her prints can be found in corporate spaces, law firms, hospitals and private homes around the world. Beverly began her career as a fine art and commercial photographer. Her photographs are in the permanent collection of the New York Public Library.

Beverly told us, “My background in photography absolutely figures into my art today. Photography literally means ‘drawing with light.’ While I work with different media now, I think about light like a photographer—the direction of the light, tonal range and feeling of light. I also take photos constantly on my iPhone to use as references for future paintings.”
This month’s cover art did not start with a photograph, however. Beverly said, “The piece you chose was done while I was part of a group of fashion artists in NYC who used to meet regularly to draw live fashion models. I’ve always been inspired by fashion and enjoy painting women. I still often paint fashion figures, as well as dancers. Because my style is somewhat abstract, the women in my paintings are universal rather than portraits of specific women. My intention is for women to see aspects of themselves in these paintings.”

Since her subject matter varies so greatly, we decided to ask Beverly about her inspiration. “I’m inspired by so many things: New York City, where I live; museum and gallery exhibits; my travels in the U.S. and around the world; dance (I take ballet classes as a hobby and for exercise); fashion; interior design; gardens; flowers from Trader Joe’s! While I paint a variety of subjects, my work is really about mood, atmosphere and emotion. I’ve always created art in a particular style that is dreamy, ethereal and romantic. I often have several series going at the same time.”

The idea of an artist who also expresses herself through dance piqued our interest. According to Beverly, “The most valuable lesson as an artist comes from my training in dance. Dancers are very consistent in their practice. I’m a believer in routine, of keeping a schedule and being prolific. Not in a crazed workaholic way, but in a calm, process-oriented way. I aim for a kind of relaxed concentration. Not that I always achieve it, but it’s the state in which I do my best work.” Her artwork certainly has a relaxing effect on the viewer.

We are grateful Beverly is so prolific, as perusing the collection of paintings and photographs on her website transports us to a place between dreams and reality. There is a feeling of movement and excitement beneath the surface of her work that is incredibly moving and satisfying.

Beverly’s work can be seen and purchased at www.beverlybrown.com, where you can choose wall art, as well as her work on home decor such as shower curtains, throw pillows, tote bags and stationery. Stay informed by joining her email list at her website. You can also follow her on Instagram @beverlybrownart

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