About the Artist - Jill Haney Neal


June 2020 Issue
About the Cover Artist

Jill Haney Neal
by Meredith Millen Deal and Marina Karis

Ladies, raise your wine glasses in salute to Jill Haney Neal, our June issue Cover Artist who’s whimsical, bodacious babes have graced a variety of artworks including paintings, wine labels, coffee mugs and Pink and Paisley’s October 2016 magazine covers: Welcome back, Jill!

Jill believes women were created in God’s image with a universal spirit and are equally loved regardless of size, ethnicity, or background. “There is an edginess to my art and from what I’ve been told, I’m still breaking barriers. When you get women together, they are funny and sexy, it’s just part of our essence.”  

“I have two lives,” Jill explained, “I have my fine art life—more impressionistic, pen and ink wildlife and horses, but what people know me for is my women—life from a women’s point of view. I always want it to be empowering. I want it to have mixed races, all nationalities and women in all different shapes because God loves us all.”

Jill, who uses mostly watercolors and acrylics on watercolor paper, proclaimed “You just have to get a little crazy with watercolor art! I take things from my life and turn them into art. Women get it, and most men don’t unless they are in touch with their feminine side.”

Explaining her inspiration for the June issue cover, Jill said, “This artwork, “Taking the Plunge” was created to reflect changing life experiences. I had a piece years ago called “Free at Last”—a woman throwing off her bra, pantyhose and running off naked. I wanted another piece like that, for any type of change of life, retirement, or leap of faith. I thought of a bunch of women jumping off a cliff!” She used warm and cool colors. “It’s like you’re taking that plunge, leaping from the heat of life into the cool water and then floating away.”

She receives insight and sometimes direct instructions from her circles of women friends. “My artwork “The Front Line,” featuring ladies with masks has gone (viral) crazy. I even printed them on mugs. Inspired by a girlfriend with health issues; she suggested I do it,” Jill said. “I started with a ball point pen and it sketched itself. Those are the pieces that come right out of your hand like an explosion of art. I posted it on Facebook, and people love it.”

What’s next for Jill? “I see some freedom in my schedule: I paint. I hike. I ski, play tennis and pickleball. More time to spend with my friends, like my campfire girls drinking wine on the water. We just bought a karaoke machine at a garage sale! And more time to see grandkids here and in Olympia, WA.”

Jill’s Art Attic is on Ash Street in Sisters, Oregon. Explore Jill’s artworks in-person, call ahead for hours and appointments: 541.617.6078. Check out Jill’s artworks including 48 fun coffee mug designs online at JillNealGallery.com! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook: Jill’s Wild Tasteful Women.

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