About the Artist - Tim Rees




This month’s cover artist, Tim Rees, is an emerging Novorealist painter, using his technical drawing skills to glorify the human figure. The beautiful piece on our cover entitled Vivification is the second in a series of three paintings describing the life cycle: The first symbolizes birth. The second (Vivification) symbolizes life, and Rees is currently working on the third, which symbolizes death.

Tim Rees grew up in Arizona with a love for drawing. He began studying animation at Collins College in Phoenix, but was disappointed by the heavy reliance on computers in contemporary animation. He preferred traditional drawing methods instead and moved on. Although he made strides to pursue a medical degree, his desire to create art was too overwhelming and kept calling him “home.” Rees painted with a small group of artists in downtown Scottsdale by day, and worked at the hospital by night. It was there someone told him about the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago.

This information proved to be priceless, giving him direction and molding his future. In 2009, Rees picked up his first set of oil paints, and never looked back. He moved to Chicago in September that very year to paint at the historic Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art, which provides access to models every day of the week for a small membership fee.

By 2010 he was ready for his first solo show at the Palette and Chisel, which was received with delight and interest. A year and a half later he joined the staff of instructors and began teaching drawing and painting classes. This led him to branch out with more opportunities to lead figurative and landscape painting workshops, including a seven-day intensive in the south of France at the age of 26. 

His passion and pursuit has paid off. He has won several prestigious awards, including the Palette and Chisel’s People’s Choice Award at the annual Gold Medal Exhibition, Southwest Art Magazine’s title of “Artists to Watch,” and Fine Art Studio Online’s Bold Brush Award. He has also been featured in several publications, including American Art Collector Magazine, International Artist and Southwest Art Magazine.

Rees believes drawing is the root of strong painting, and is proficient in many mediums, from charcoal to ballpoint pen. “Drawing teaches us most of what we need to know about painting: The shapes, values, edges, and composition—everything except color and paint application,” he explained.

Ironically, teaching has been a great learning experience for Rees. He is now an instructor at Scottsdale Artists’ School and The Academy at Rees Atelier, founded by Rees. The Academy training program focuses on the methods and information presented in the 19th century ateliers and academies. Unlike traditional schools, however, the program is condensed and structured in a way to encourage independent study aside from instructed class time.

Rees paints under the tenants of the Novorealist philosophy, which embraces the philosophy that there should be a greater emphasis on humanism, in a time when people are overly focused on technology and consumables. His desire is to convey beauty through technical mastery and strong composition. This desire shines through in all his work. We think this month’s cover is stunning.

To learn more about Tim Rees or to purchase original paintings visit www.mclarryfineart.com.

To learn more about The Academy at Rees Atelier log on to www.reesatlier.com.