Brain Health Summit

Learn How to Make Friends with Your Anxiety, Sleep Better and Unmask Your Brain’s Resiliency


February 2021 Issue
by Elizabeth Skenes Millen

The human brain is such a miraculous organ, even it cannot imagine or utilize its full potential. Like a computer, if the brain is programmed the right way, it can make us function properly. If programmed wrong, life can become overwhelming, stressful or dark. The good news is most of the time we get a choice in how to program our brains—negative or positive.

With all the uncertainty happening in the world right now, it has become increasingly easy to negatively program our brains, which guides our thoughts and emotions. “When people flood their brains with fear-based images, interactions and information, their anxiety levels increase,” said Debbie Anderson, Community Education Director at Memory Matters on Hilton Head Island.

Memory Matters is unique to the Lowcountry with unsurpassed expertise in brain health and memory care. Founded in 1997 as a non-profit charitable organization, they provide compassionate memory care and optimal brain wellness through education, programs and support for individuals, caregivers and community.

“Fear is the big F-word now, and we need to balance negative influences with positivity. The brain can be redirected to reduce anxiety,” Debbie said. “We have control over what happens in our brain. Repetitive thoughts that trigger anxiety or stress make grooves in ur brains like in a vinyl record, but we can counterbalance those negative grooves by owning our brain health and taking care of it.”

This year, Memory Matters will hold its fourth annual Brain Health Summit – the ultimate event to maximize the health of your brain. “This year’s summit, based on the times we are in, will be laser-focused. Attendees will learn all about anxiety and stress, how to cope and how to use the brain positively. Our brains are resilient, even in the current conditions we are living in, and this event will help demonstrate how to move our brains in a positive direction,” said Debbie.

The Brain Health Summit, “Unmasking Your Brain’s Resiliency,” will be live-streamed via Zoom with an impressive line-up of featured speakers. If you attended the Brain Health Summit last year, then you got to experience the energy and brilliance of Dr. Wendy Suzuki, world-renown neuroscientist, bestselling author, NYU Professor and TEDtalk speaker. Dr. Suzuki will be back to wow you with her entertaining method in delivering life-changing information. This year she teaches us about good anxiety (she says is the most misunderstood emotion) and how we can harness its power.

Another element of brain power is sleep. It can be difficult to sleep when worry and fret are at the forefront of your mind. Dr. Peter Manos, a Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Sleep Medicine, will share how sleep is powerful medicine for your brain, and how you can maximize your sleep for a good night’s rest.

And, are you ready to unwind and relax? Dr. Judson A. Brewer, Associate Professor, Director of Research and Innovation (Mindfulness Center, Departments of Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Psychiatry, Brown University) will teach us to unwind anxiety cycles and break bad habits that keep our brains bound up in negativity.

Sponsored by locals Dave and Patty Ekedahl, this world-class Brain Health Summit, with special guest host Tina Tyus-Shaw, is Memory Matters largest community education event each year, allowing them to help countless families with the best brain and memory education and support in the Lowcountry. Attending this event from the comfort of your own home is not only the easiest thing you can do for your brain health…it’s a no-brainer. Register today for an event you won’t forget.

How to Register—

Memory Matters Brain Health Summit: Unmasking Your Brain’s Resiliency
March 10, 2021, 9:00 a.m. to Noon
$25  |  Register Online at  |  843-842-6688

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