Celebrate Earth Day!

April 22nd


Here are 10 small ways to volunteer and

make a difference this Earth Day:

1. Clean up a local beach.

Over 14 billion pounds of trash are dumped into the ocean each year. Help clean it up.

2. Plant a garden at your home or school.
Another fun way to give Mother Earth some love this Earth Day!

3. Scan your neighborhood for litter.
Encourage your friends and/or family to do the same!

4. Sign an environmental action petition.

Earth Day is the perfect time to sign a petition about a cause you believe in.

5. Start a conversation.

Conversations open up the floor to new ideas and positive change.

6. Help restore bird habitats.

Make your community friendlier and more inviting for all creatures.

7. Buy a reusable water bottle.

Did you know that more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day?
Switch today!

8. Plant a tree.

Get your hands a little dirty and volunteer to help restore the balance between natural habitats and the communities of people living in them.

9. Clean vacant lots in the community.

Buy a few trash bags and spend a half hour cleaning a vacant lot.

10. Unplug and spend time outside.

Go on a walk, a bike ride, or sit on a park bench and simply admire the world around you.

Source: blog.academicyear.org/10-ways-make-a-difference-earth-day


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