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From Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian, classic beauty icons have three main elements in common: the body, the glamour, and the face. Features differ from one beauty to the next, but most rely on one secret: Sultry, seductive, "come-hither" eyes. Every woman dreams of having magnetic eyes, and now, the dream is obtainable.

Just opened, Faces Lash Studio is the newest trend to hit the Lowcountry. Upon entering the studio, a gentle calm greets you and soothingly seeps into your entire body, generating instant relaxation. The decor exudes sophistication with a palate of black, gray and white. Ornate sofas donning plump pillows line the wall, separated by sheer white fabric. Our Lash Makeover candidate, Kim Whilhite, awaits a new set of lash extensions that are sure to add to her natural beauty. We are greeted by Faces DaySpa and Faces Lash Studio General Manager, Alexis Sargo, and lash stylist Tanya Hagedom. They get right down to business, directing Kim to the couch and making her comfortable.

"We offer three levels," Alexis explains. "Coy, Captivating and Catwalk. We start by taking a lash (synthetic) and measuring it against the natural lash." The process-depending on the set you go with- can be up to two hours. It is a tedious process in which the lash stylist requires poise and patience, but the client gets to lay back, eyes closed and just relax. It is an elegantly simple process with a jaw-dropping final result. Tanya laid out the lashes, with a dab of surgical grade adhesive. She applied firming, brightening pads under the eyes, on top of the lower lashes to properly isolate and protect them from the adhesive. Next, she cleaned the lashes, stripping away any oils. Taking sharp tweezers, she began by isolating a single lash, which will get it's own extensions. She then dipped the end of the lash in the adhesive, expertly ensuring that the base is connected and that it goes the way she wants it to, not the way the lash is taking it. She repeats these last three steps to each individual natural lash.

 "The tweezers look intimidating, but they are very safe. Your eye is always closed and the tweezers are angled away from the eye," Tanya explained. "The pads also act as a barrier between the tip of the tweezers and the skin."

"I love the ease of this for someone like me. I have such sparse eyelashes, I usually put on a few coats of mascara and it clumps at the end. I'm so fair, if I don't wear mascara, I almost have non-existent eyes, because of my coloring. This will save me time and make me look like I have mascara on without the mess!" Kim replied when asked why extensions  will be a good fit for her. Alexis chimed in, "People think that it adds another element to their beauty regimen, but it actually simplifies things. It also provides a cleaner look, because you can do away with clumpy mascara once and for all. And since the lashes are synthetic, they will hold the natural curl, which is almost impossible."

Eyelashes shed every six weeks, so the extensions shed with the natural process. The inner and outer corners of the eyes are where the weaker lashes reside and tend to fall out quicker. The stylist helps each person choose the right set of extensions based on the amount of natural lashes they have. For example, "Kim has really thin lashes and probably could not hold the thickest extensions. They would dip down into her eyes because her natural lashes aren't strong enough to hold the weight," Tanya explained. As she took off the under eye pads, Kim opened her eyes and looked into the mirror. "Oh my goodness! I love them! It's so natural and not overly dramatic. Even my vision is different because I don't see the little mascara clumps!" she exclaimed, hugging Alexis and Tanya.

We walked to Faces DaySpa across the parking lot, where Tanya, applied natural makeup to accentuate Kim's radiant, new look. "I want to keep it natural and can do that by using soft tones and pinks. She's so fair, I don't want to do anything too dramatic" She applied the Faces brand warm beige concealer, a light powder with a little bit of bronzer on the cheekbones to make them stand out, as well as adding a soft, pink blush, pink eyeshadow on the lids and brown on the outer corner, going in, to help open up her eyes even more. Next she applied a flirty pink tone for the lips, and a little mascara on the lower lashes to put the finishing touch on Kim's new look!

Every good beauty icon needs a fabulous outfit, so the only logical place to go was SM Bradford, a signature Lilly Pulitzer store. The wonderful staff chose a silk Dahlia top, perfect for layering and pretty enough to wear alone, with a beautiful tie-front and detail at the neck. The top was paired with the Hopeless Romantic necklace, an elegant pearl statement piece, adding instant glamour.

. American film director, David W. Griffith, is credited to have invented false eyelashes. In his 1916 silent film, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Through the Ages, he wanted to give his actress, Seena Owen, lashes long enough that when she blinked, they would "brush the actress' cheeks." They were made of human hair woven through a strip of gauze. (
.  Madonna's diamond studded lashes cost $10,000. (
. Jennifer Lopez's lashes are made from mink. (

What are you? Coy, captivating, or catwalk? To find out and achieve the perfect look for you, call Faces Lash Studio at 843-785-LASH to make an appointment, stop by the studio in the Village of Wexford at 1000 Wm. Hilton Pkwy. B1, Hilton Head Is. SC, 29928, or visit Want to pamper yourself? Call Faces DaySpa at 843-785-3075 or visit
For your own iconic finishing touch, call SM Bradford at 843-686-6161, stop by the store (it's right next to Faces Lash Studio) or visit

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