About the Artist: Amos Hummell


June 2023 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Amos Hummell
by Lindsay Gifford

Artist0323 2Amos Hummell has been a doodler all his life. For the past 35 years, the self-trained, June Pink cover artist has been a colorful, folk-art inspired fixture on the local Lowcountry art scene.
Though he dabbled in the traditional medium of “paint-on-anything” a few years ago, Amos’ playful style comes to life mostly on canvas these days. However, his work still fabulously explores beyond the lines and is far looser than the confines of formality. We’re not saying this just to be catchy—Amos truly is famous in the Lowcountry and beyond. Not only is he creative, his use of color and his perspective on the ordinary is what makes his work so extraordinary. He was Pink Magazine’s sixth artist, way back in 2004, to ever grace a cover. His style is all his own, he is one cool dude, and Pink is lucky to be able to work with him for the third time in featuring his art.

Amos currently enjoys creating digital pen and ink drawings that he prints on canvas. “For me, oil painting is like trying to play rock n roll on a typewriter. It’s just too slow; I can’t jam, and I need to jam.” See, we told you he’s cool!

As I entered Amos’ home, I was charmed by his wildlife oasis in the front yard, packed with beautiful birds and plump squirrels. His home features a large window with bird feeders offering plenty of Lowcountry inspiration as he works drawing whimsical features on his iPad, later colored and layered digitally to bring his ideas to life. I was mesmerized as I watched him select and move elements, adding shadows and small changes that made dazzling differences with just a few clicks.

Amos explained he began his art journey creating three-dimensional art with “junk” but as it became harder to find, he moved on to new, more accessible mediums. Depicting many “everyday” Lowcountry scenes, his art is splashed with colors and vibrant patterns. Some of his more recent pieces have their very own poem attached to each print, giving the viewer insight into its inspiration.

“This month’s cover Wish You Were Here is a perfect example of what I love to do,” Amos said of his trademark bright and quirky work. “A full moon over a Lowcountry waterway is about as dreamy and magical as anything I can imagine. It is the quintessential backdrop for a classical romance.” Its poem reflects the romantic feel: When the Moon Strikes Twelve
Wherever you are tonight,
We can share in this beautiful sight.
We can look up and make a wish,
Say a prayer, send a hug, blow a kiss.

Amos finds our region to be rich with such magical scenes, personalities, legends, and history. “There’s adventure aplenty in the Lowcountry,” he said, “and I love to bring her colorful stories to life through my art.”

Meet Amos in person and view his art at the Hilton Head Community Market on Saturdays 9 – 12 noon at Shelter Cove Community Park. His entire collection of prints may be viewed and purchased on his website, www.hummellstudios.com. Follow Amos on Facebook to keep up with his newest works @AmosHummell.

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