A Spooktacular Halloween Party

A Spooktacular Halloween Party

Halloween isn't just for trick-or-treating, it's a great time to throw a bone-chilling party to gather friends and family for a fun night out. A Hallween party doesn't have to just be about the costumes, check out these recipes, games,
products and music to keep your party rockin' all night!



Halloween2Halloween6Decor Score
Take a break from the scare tactics and adorn your bathroom sink with this cute soap dispenser and tray.
Not all of Halloween has to be scary! Available at Lettrs, Main Street, HHI


Spooky & Sweet

Create spooky sweets with these festive cookie cutters. They can be used for sweet treats or as molds for creative ghoulish treats! Available at Le Cookery, Village at Wexford, HHI



Halloween5Spooky Skull DIY Wreath
Supplies needed:
• Floral Wire                      
• Scissors
• Phillips Head Screwdriver                  
• Pliers
• Flat Black Krylon Spray Paint           
• Jute twine
• 6 Autumn Inspirations Long Stem Fall foliage
• 1 small Autumn Inspirations small Fall foliage Bush
• 18-in. Grape Vine Wreath
• Holiday Inspirations Buried Alive Skeleton Set
• 3 separate ¼ yards of Halloween fabric
• Holiday Inspirations Halloween Sign

Halloween11) Using your pliers, cut the stems off to the leafy part of the 6 long stem foliage. Place the stems about 3 inches apart around the bottom of your wreath. Place the 6 smaller stems between the 6 long stems and secure with floral wire.
2) Cut the smaller bush apart from the base with pliers leaving the stems long. Place them in the bottom of the wreath to cover the base of attached long stems. Do not attach them. Lightly spray paint the foliage and the wreath with Flat black spray paint. Let dry. Remove the stems from the small bush from the wreath.
3) Cut fabric into 1 inch wide long strips. Tie the fabric to the back and front of the wreath between the long stems. Add your bush stems back to the top of the long stems and attach with floral wire.
4) Remove the stakes from the skeleton arms, tie them together at the elbow with twine. Attach the arms with floral wire through the base of the fingers to the top of the wreath.
5) Make a small hole in the base of the skull. Feed the floral wire through the holes and attach to inside of wreath over the small bush stems. Place your halloween sign and attach with floral wire.
Project and photos by www.madeinaday.com

Party Game #2: Pumpkin Hunt

Purchase a plethora of plastic pumpkin buckets (or real pumpkins if you're into torture). Place alcoholic beverages/mini bottles inside several of them, while leaving the rest whole as "duds". Scatter the hunt zone with hidden pumpkins. This works best outdoors but can also be done indoors. The team with the least amount of pumpkins loses and completes a challenge of the host’s choosing.

Party Game #1: Creepy Crawly Box

Fill a box with Halloween items—for example: gummy worms, toy snakes or lizards, feathers, etc. The party favor section of the store may have all kinds of things, such as stressball eyeballs and more. Blindfold your guests and have them reach into the box and determine what they have picked
out of the box. This can make for a lot of laughs!

Party Planning Checklist

1. Send out scare-worthy invites
2. Convert your home into a macabre sight
3. Make witchy drinks for guests
4. A large spread of ghoulish goodies and devilish delights complete with labels
5. Create a party playlist including spooky sounds
6. Dress the part, dont forget your costume!



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