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By Suzanne Hobbs

It’s a total transformation, and it happened fast. Only months ago, Greg Luther of Bluffton made a decision to do something that would change so much about his life. What he did, is now being noticed by all who know him.

Greg was frustrated with his body. Once a professional golfer, now he could barely swing a club. He went from being at the top of his game, and a true athlete, to having a body he didn’t recognize. “I felt so frustrated because I had been injured in an accident so I couldn’t work out. I couldn’t golf. My body hurt so I started eating badly and it showed,” Greg said.

In 2013, Greg won five times on the South Florida Tour. Then in November of that same year, Greg was in a serious car accident. “I couldn’t swing a club. My passion for golf was there, but my body couldn’t do it anymore,” he says.

After three years of feeling frustrated with yo-yo dieting, he seriously considering going under the knife. He thought liposuction was his only option. Greg says, “I would do cardio and eat tuna and drink water. I would lose 15 pounds, then gain it all back. I had enough of the up and down.”
That’s when he saw an ad for Fast Fit Body Sculpting. “I had to check it out. If there’s a non-invasive way to help me lose my stomach, I wanted to learn more.”

Greg had a complimentary trial session to experience the technology. He also met with the lipolysis consultant. “I learned about what non-invasive technology can do to help me,” Greg says, “Doug, Suzanne and the Fast Fit staff told me about simple changes in my nutrition that can keep this off. This was easy. It works.”

Greg lost an overall 21 inches off his stomach and 30 pounds. He’s also kept it off.  “People see me now and they ask ‘What are you doing?’ and I just tell them, I went to Fast Fit. You should, too!”
Greg is dusting off his golf clubs for his first professional tournament in three years.  Greg says with a smile, “In a few weeks, I’m playing in Alabama at the Robert Trent Jones Tour. I have to give thanks to Fast Fit. Otherwise this would not be happening. I’m back!”

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