Glam Guide: The Silver Garden

The Silver Garden

32 Palmetto Bay Rd, Suite 2A, Hilton Head Island
Mon.-Fri. 10-5; Sat. 11-3

Our customers love: Our motto—”Life is too short to wear department store jewelry!” All of our items are made on site.

The skinny on us: We love to collaborate in the design process with our customers to create a one-of-a-kind piece that often includes their components.

The vibe: Set in a welcoming garden, our little studio/retail shop is warm and inviting. Browsers and visitors are welcome to stop in any time to see our new designs and try them on for size.

We’re unique because: We are willing to accept the challenges of repairing or re-designing sentimental heirloom pieces that most others are unwilling to attempt. We don’t always succeed, but we always try.

We feature great stuff: Over 500 pieces of Sterling jewelry designed and created in our shop. Includes our line of island jewelry pieces, God’s love jewelry, hand-stamped tags, dog and animal cuffs, plus a large selection of hostess and wedding gifts from heirloom silverware.

What's all the buzz: Our coordinate cuffs for men and women continue to draw the greatest interest. Our God’s Love jewelry, hand-stamped tag pieces and statement pendants and rings remain very popular, as well. And, crosses in Sterling, gold and copper are always sought after.

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