Cold Case

Hissy Fit... because everyone deserves one every once and awhile

Mysteries abound in our household. We must have a ghost (who likes oranges), because somebody keeps turning the air conditioner down to 69?. It's freezing in my house! I find myself putting sweaters on in the morning when I'm getting dressed for the day, only to walk outside and realize it's not snowing. Of course no one fesses up to turning the AC down to sub-zero temperatures, but I know it's my husband. He claims it's the children. I know it's not me!

Dana likes it to be cold in the house. I've argued with him for 20 years that 70? on heat is not the same as 70? on air. We've had to have this argument because he continues to think we can just keep the air on 70? all winter long and not freeze to death.

My mother brings winter clothes year round when she comes to visit. I know she secretly despises Dana for keeping the house so cold. She's 81-years-old-the woman is cold. The last time she was here, which was the beginning of May, through chattering teeth, she stared him square in the eyes and told him she hoped he "freezes to death". Okay, so maybe her ill feelings towards his icebox tendencies are not that much of a secret. She then asked for another blanket, and that's when I noticed her lips were turning blue.

This morning is beautiful-a perfect spring day, even though we are approaching summer. I am writing from my library at home. I love to open the windows, feel the breeze, hear the birds,  and smell the fresh air. This makes my husband nervous. He walks over to the kitchen window, where an outdoor thermometer can be seen, and says, "It's getting hot."

The air conditioner has been off for three minutes. He claims he's sweating. He'll be all right; he is preparing to leave for the day, and will soon retreat to the power blasting, Freon infused, cold air in his SUV. He disappears for a moment, comes through my office and kisses me goodbye. A shiver goes down my spine.he has turned the air down to 69? again.

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