About the Artist - Amine Badr

Artist 1119

November 2019 Issue
About the Cover Artist
by Elizabeth Skenes Millen

Amine Badr

Artist Amine Badr moved to America with the intention of making a living doing what he loves—painting. It was his Uncle Aziz Kadmiri, a successful Atlanta-based artist and two-time Pink Magazine cover artist, who encouraged Amine to leave Europe to pursue art full time. It is harder in Europe where new artists still compete with the residual elite art mentality that remains virtually governed by the era of world-renown masters such as Picasso and Monet.

Being half Irish and half Moroccan, Amine spent most of his childhood in Ireland and Germany. Moving to Paris at age 17, he earned a biology degree from university and landed a traditional job as a representative in the durable medical products industry. He would paint a piece every two months or so and try to sell it, but his art remained in the background. Though his parents were pleased to see him successful in a traditional job, Amine could not shake his passion for painting. After all, he started painting at the age of 4 and won many awards throughout his school years. It is his true passion and runs in his blood.

Amine comes from a family heavily influenced by art and artists. His grandfather was a well-known, master art expert and dealer based in Germany right after WWII, buying, selling, appraising and authenticating many priceless pieces by world-famous artists, which came available for sale at the end of the war. In addition, both his aunt and uncle are superb successful artists.

His first year in America as a full-time artist proved to play out the starving artist stereotype, where rent was barely being made. Amine persevered, staying true to his talent. He began working with his Uncle Aziz, who in addition to his original fine art pieces, has a company called My Pooch Face, which paints pet portraits. Amine was a behind-the-scenes painter, producing original work to fulfill the numerous orders, but in the long run, he wanted more.

“I wanted to sign my paintings. I took the independent road, and it pushed me to think and make my paintings better and better,” said Amine. After a year of finding firm footing, Amine created a  style niche and developed a large following. “I have sold as many as 27 paintings in one month. Sometimes I can post a new painting, and it sells within ten minutes.

Studying art at Atlier des Beaux Arts in Paris taught him many techniques. Abstract is one of his favorites and where he has found his stride and creativity. With a unique neutral color palette, Amine started creating paintings that have no end. “My clients say they have never seen anything like it [the paintings]. They start but don’t end. I don’t like when it stops—the life and movement in my paintings never end. People don’t buy decoration, they buy emotion. People want something that evokes emotion every day.” Clients buy his work because they “love it” and rave over it.

This month’s cover is titled “Athena.” The woman in the image is a modern Athena—perhaps a descendant of the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and strategic skill, or maybe a depiction of the future of Athena. The interpretation is up to the viewer. It is a mixture of old and new in Amine’s signature color palette, which dwells in relaxation.

“An artist cannot reach full potential without learning from other artists,” said Amine. He is so thankful for everyone who has helped and encouraged him along the way. His gratefulness shows beyond his paintings. He offers school fundraisers with his works and helps many charitable organizations. He displays his works art many art festivals and personally delivers most of his paintings to clients’ homes and hangs it for them, too. “We talk about life and the painting. It becomes part of the story and fun of owning the piece. I stay friends with with my clients! I have learned, if you work hard, you can achieve anything.”

To see more works by Amine Badr, please log on to www.aminebadrart.net, or contact Amine via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or telephone: 404-884-1645.

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