About the Artist - Candace Whittemore Lovely

Artist0618Artist Candace Whittemore Lovely, an Impressionistic painter and Copley Master, is known for her pleasing views of American scenes, especially landscapes of treasured locales and people at play in idyllic locations. Her talents have served her well in creating an opArtist0618 2portune place in time for Candace to paint a portrait of an American “treasure”—the official White House portrait of Former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Fondly recalling time spent with Mrs. Bush back in 1990-91, Candace said, “I learned to relate to her as I did with my mom; highlighting Mrs. Bush’s interests in her family, especially her grandchildren and her love of dogs.” Candace was anxious at their first meeting. Mrs. Bush remarked, “Don’t be nervous about painting me and Millie, and please, just call me Barbara.” Smiling widely, Barbara then added, “And I need to have some wrinkles; I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve had a face lift!”

Welcome to Ms. Lovely’s fifth cover for Pink Magazine, possibly a record in our magazine’s 14-plus year history. Her romantic perspective and artistic talent includes featuring her subjects in reflective relaxation. Our June 2018 cover, “Sunday Umbrella Blues,” has all these qualities and more. We imagine her subjects relaxing peacefully with their dog, reading their issue of Pink Magazine, which features Candace’s art on the cover. “I started out on a plein air day of painting; but then I became so inspired by this beach scene, I actually finished the 24x30 piece in one hour!” And voila’, here it is!

Candace’s grandmother used to tell her, “The cure for everything is salt water—whether it’s sweat, tears, or the sea.” And Candace says she feels happiest when she is near the water. Also, as a young girl, Candace recalled one of her favorite Little Golden Books, Nurse Nancy was packaged complete with Band-Aids and candy sugar pills. After eating all of the candy pills, Candace asked her mom for more. Her mom replied, “No, that’s not what life is about,” and handed her a box of crayons. Unlike the pills, there was always an endless supply of crayons.

Thank you, Candace; your crayons and idyllic canvases are all treasures for the world to share.

For more insight on Candace and her time with Barbara Bush, check out her blog at
www.candacelovely.com and to purchase her artwork, décor’ and gift items. Find Candace’s special coloring book series of original paintings, The Impressionist Way, at www.amazon.com