About the Artist - Celery Jones

Celery JoneArtist 1s

Our cover artist this month is Carey Warburton, formerly known as Carey Selby (maiden name), a.k.a. C.C. Horror (Roller Derby name), a.k.a. Celery Jones (social media name), but her friends and family all call her C.C.

C.C. was born into art, you could say, a daughter of two artists. She drove her mother crazy as she attempted to instruct C.C. in all the traditional ways. Even then she wanted to paint more unconventional subjects, like unicorns.

C.C. grew up in Versailles, Kentucky. At 18, she and her family moved to Wales, where she went to school and studied animation. Soon discovering that was not her calling, she moved to London and began working for a media based charity; however, with only a volunteer visa, she was soon asked to leave the country. From there she moved to Lexington, Kentucky to study graphic design. Eventually C.C. found herself in Atlanta, where she worked as an artist for Turner Studios, often creating commissioned pieces that had been written into TV scripts. Her work can be seen on HGTV’s Dream Home, Urban Oasis, and Smart Home, as well as The Walking Dead and Atlanta.

While in Atlanta, C.C. saw a flyer for a Roller Derby league, and she thought it’d be a great way to meet new friends. So she joined “Sake Tuya’s” team and earned the name C.C. Horror. Later she married, changing her name once again, and moved to L.A., her Utopia, where different is celebrated, where there is love, support, inspiration and collaboration all around. Artist 2

C.C. finds inspiration everywhere. Her head can be in 100 places at once. “Color can tell me a story without even having a subject.” As her environment speaks to her—whether it’s existing art, photography, films—she responds to it. “I process things visually, and I always have. Since I was young, it’s always been the only way I could explain what I was trying to get across. It’s how I express myself.”

When asked how she feels when she paints, C.C. replied, “Normal, which is funny because I don’t often feel that way.” She is always creating, whether it’s costumes, headdresses, drawings or paintings. She creates because she simply has to. “Sometimes you just have to listen to the universe.”

This month’s cover is called “Venus From the Block”—it’s a play on classic beauty with a personal twist. C.C. is a big hip-hop fan, hence the bandana and big bamboo earrings.

For more information on C.C.’s work, or to purchase art, visit www.wayfair.com or www.celeryjones.com