About the Artist - Claudia Tremblay

 Artist 1115

Claudia Tremblay was born in Amos, Quebec. After studying horticulture,  she left for Guatemala with an non government organization to work with Maya women. She stayed for over 13 years. With no formal training in the visual arts, Claudia began her career by painting these women. Day after day she tried to capture their poignancy and essence. Her paintings represent the melancholic souls and inner strength that motivates the women of Central America. She also likes to explore the universal connection between mother and child as depicted in the painting on this month’s cover titled, Mother and Daughter.

"She paints and illustrates always with the same intention: love."

During her stay in Guatemala, Claudia opened an art gallery and established herself at the heart of regional culture; her work was shown at countless exhibits throughout Central America. The beauty, serenity, colors and sense of mystery which pervade Guatemala have set the tone for hundreds of her paintings. She loved her adopted country, but decided to leave because of the rising violence.
She returned to Montreal with her Guatemalan born son. She is now illustrating children’s books and in 2014 published Today I Am Grateful: Adventures in Gratitude. Her illustrations are created with the desire to evoke a sense of peace, harmony and a certain melancholy.  Fascinated by nature and children, Claudia imbues scenes of everyday life with a dream-like quality she hopes pays tribute to life’s daily miracles.

We are honored to feature Claudia Tremblay as our cover artist and invite our readers to view more of her fabulous work at www.claudiatremblay.com and on Facebook and at Etsy.