About the Artist - Esra Røise


Esra Røise is a Norwegian illustrator based in Oslo, Norway who is gaining international attention from the fashion world: Esra’s illustration of Liv Ullman, the world-renowned film star, was recently on the cover of a major Norwegian magazine; she has work in the current issue of VOGUE Japan; and she is being sought by international brands like Urban Outfitters and Stella McCartney. Marketing directors world-wide are recognizing that Esra’s art speaks to the very audience their brands are trying to capture. She contributed six artworks to the New Nordic Fashion Illustration Exhibition in Tallin, Norway, where her work is also being celebrated in a solo-show.

  Esra received formal training at The Einar Granum School of Art and has a BA in Visual Communication from the Academy of the Arts in Oslo. She has been drawing since she was a little girl, when she would spend hours just doodling. Now, almost 30 years later, she still spends hours drawing, only now it is for a living.

Esra has always loved the preciseness of the pencil and the unpredictability and possibilities of watercolor and ink. Her stylized drawings are electrified with vivid splashes of color. She enjoys the juxtaposition of the analogue and digital combined, and most of her delicate and playful works are a combination of the two. Her subjects are primarily women captured in seemingly small unimportant everyday situations. Her illustrations—often uneven and jauntily framed—recall spur-of-the-moment snapshot photography with its awkwardness and imperfections, which she celebrates as part of youthful exuberance.

There is fluidity and energy in the lines that create her subject’s hair, features and body that can hint at interior secrets, evoke intense emotion or summon a sense of playfulness. Esra’s artistic deftness makes her images elegant, impactful and often romantic. The drawings capture what it’s like to be free, young and living in the moment.

Esra is herself a young, lithe beauty who is attuned to the world at large. Her female images are as diverse as the global market that has responded to her work. Esra donates a portion of her profits to The Naked Heart Foundation, which raises awareness for underprivileged children.

Esra told Pink, “My mantra has always been to be nice to people and work hard. And not be afraid to set high goals for myself. I figure if you’re only dreaming anyways, why dream small!?” When asked what she does for fun she said, “I have been interested in tattooing for a very long time, so a couple of years ago, I finally bought some equipment and started practicing. For the first year I only tattooed various fruits and leathers, but gradually started doing small little things on friends. So much fun. Other than the tattooing, I love going to gigs, checking out exhibitions and travelling.”

Esra’s works can be seen worldwide, and selected clients include: VOGUE, Farfetch, Nylon magazine, Wallpaper*, Estée Lauder, VICE, LEVI’S and Miss Selfridge to name a few.

Pink is excited to introduce this sensational and successful young artist to our readers. No doubt you’ll be hearing about her for years to come. 

More works + prints available at: www.esraroise.com
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