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July 2020 Issue
About the Cover Artist

Georgia Lôbo
by Meredith Millen Deal

Brazilian born and raised, Rio de Janeiro artist Georgia Lôbo is comfortably in tune with the natural world she gently expresses through her art. At age 55, she looks as if she could still be majoring in her chosen field of industrial design, “I graduated in 1987 but never worked with it.”  

Georgia always loved drawing and color, “but I had many relationship problems with my mother, so during a long time, the only thing I hoped for was to run away from my house. I started as a flight attendant with Varig Airlines in 1989, not liking the career but staying 10 years.”

Meanwhile, in 1997 she started a small restaurant. There, she came back to her world of art. “I enjoyed painting all the dishes; I  do porcelain. I did the wall tiles and décor for this fun and happy place.” Her journey demonstrates her art is her relief, “The best moments in my life are while I create and touch my inks. So, as the restaurant worked well, I left the airlines in 1999. The same year I opened the business, I had my daughter, so for a long time I had time for nothing else. I kept struggling and surviving and caring for her.

“Finally, in 2007, I started an oil painting course with artist Suzanna Schlemm. For three years I went once a week to her atelier, and by 2011 started painting alone inside my house. I became very disciplined practicing every week, and since then, I love more my art each day. It is what fills my heart with love and happiness and gives meaning to my existence.”

Georgia’s cover art, “Coisas boas Estão por Vir”  (translated as “Nice Things Are About to Happen”) is the title for her woman seated on the edge of a cliff. “Breast naked, her (relaxed) solar plexus is opened to answers as the wind brings good news, faith and peace,” she explained. “She looks towards the horizon because this shows her mind the world is big with multiple choices.”

In January 2019 Georgia held her first Rio de Janeiro exposition at Centro dos Correios titled “Black in Rio.” “Naturally,” she said, “I painted all black figures in the best places in Rio, feeling good in their skin, so proud. And in one of the happiest moments of my life, black people who came to the exhibit, loved all 26 paintings. People felt positively represented and left the exposition feeling happy. And that has no price.”

“Um Novo Mundo” translated as “A New World” is a new favorite of Georgia’s. She created it during the Covid-19 quarantine. “I like this one a lot and think it is magical because I did it before the episode of George Floyd. On display in my home, I had two persons wanting to buy it, but decided to keep it; it is so strong.”

Georgia Lôbo Art
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