About the Artist: Joyce Huntington


March 2023 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Joyce Huntington

Artist0323 2Joyce Huntington, who’s artwork is founded in energy, is always looking for ways to get her energy out there. She’s excited to do this through Pink as our cover artist this month.

Joyce’s work is always a meditative process. Many of the images she paints are given to her during meditation, or come during those moments between worlds, when one is just waking up. “I don’t try to figure out their meanings, I just paint the vision. Time stops when I start mixing colors; intuition guides my strokes. Painting is all about discovery, making connections between the subconscious mind, the hand, and the canvas. There’s always a surprise when I put down the brush and move back, always more and less than I intended,” said Joyce. It is usually at this point she begins to see and understand what her subconscious was manifesting during her state of deep thought.

She strives to emphasize the spirit of her visions in all of her work. “Years ago, while meditating in my living room, I opened my eyes and looked out to the street where a friend was standing in the yard. I saw that person connected to a nearby tree with infinitesimal lines of light, and those same lines connected to a bird in the sky and to a child playing down the block, and to the sun and back to me sitting in my living room. Nothing was unconnected. I was able to sense the whole,” Joyce explained. Since that powerful vision, Joyce has tried to include this strong sense of connection to everything and everyone in the world.

This month’s cover, entitled “Networking”, is how Joyce envisions her daughter, who now lives away from home. “She is sitting on her sofa, knitting a net of light, which connects us to each other—no matter the distance. This is the same network that connects everyone on the planet, from thread to thread and light to light.”

Joyce has also illustrated several children’s books and is the author of Cooking Over My Head, an inspirational memoir, full of photos, recipes, and images of her paintings. In the book she takes the joy of cooking to a new level, both by enjoying the process and being in awe of it all at the same time.

Log into the world of Joyce Huntington at www.joycehuntingtonart.com. There you will find a gallery of her works, many which are available in giclee. The original oil on canvas, 24"x 48", of “Networking” is available! You can also purchase notecards, her books, and her original, inspirational meditation card deck, “Messages from the Light.” In addition, Joyce’s work can be purchased at www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/joyce-huntington and in her gallery and shop, Frameworks of Ojai located in Ojai, CA, a thriving arts community filled with writers, photographers, artists (some world-renowned) musicians, composers and spiritual seekers.

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