About the Artist - Kathryn Morris Trotter

November 2020 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Kathryn Morris Trotter
by Meredith M. Deal

Native Mississippian Kathryn Morris Trotter claims painting is her greatest passion. After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in textiles and apparel design, Kathryn had an innate curiosity about life, travel and the world of creative art. All this propelled her into the corporate world of fashion, interiors and textile design, which highly influenced her choice of subjects and painting style.  

After enduring her artistic struggle to express her true self, Kathryn has settled into her love for the palette knife. The layering effect of brush strokes and the palette knife bring an “impasto” style to her paintings.

Established both nationally and internationally, Kathryn’s paintings have made their way to Egypt, Australia, Canada and The Netherlands. Her artworks have been featured at Saks Fifth Avenue, in Elle Décor Magazine, on the hit television series “Drop Dead Diva,” and on the cover of Mountain Brook Magazine. She was chosen by the El Paso Museum of Art to demonstrate modern-day palette knife techniques as compared to Cézanne, which was featured in the Modern Master’s Series from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Now, we celebrate her cover art this month for both Pink and Paisley Magazines!

This issue’s cover artwork is titled “Party on the Lawn” and features some of her favorite French subjects, complete with her adoring flair for vintage clothing. “They seem to own their own look and love being women,” Kathryn shared.  “It’s part of how I think all women were created—to respect ourselves, to step into the world with confidence and own who we are.” The painting is inspired by a wedding Kathryn and her husband, Christopher, attended. “Women guests were given parasols to use as part of the feel; it was beautiful.”

At home in Mountain Brook, Alabama, along with the couple’s three children, Kathryn feels blessed to be pursuing what God has called her to do. “Rising early each morning, especially during this year, provides me the opportunity to center myself. I read, journal and listen to podcasts, which help me to evaluate what works in life and what doesn’t, especially as a wife and mom. Then I ask the Lord how I can evolve.” And when available alone time emerges, Kathryn can be found in her backyard art studio, “Yes, in my little house out back. It’s my space!”

Connect with Kathryn: Collection Website: www.kathryntrotterart.com
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call: 404.668.1394. Kathryn’s pieces are also available in the form of murals, wallpaper and limited-edition prints. Follow Her... Pinterest: Kathryn Trotter  |  Instagram: @ktrotterart

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