About the Artist - Lauren Terrett


September 2019 Issue
by Caroline Logan Cherry

Lauren Terrett

“Wow look at that one,” the girl exclaimed while making her way through the charming SOBA gallery in downtown Bluffton. She had been walking around the featured artist room when finally, her eyes fixated on the painting hanging across from her, “The Reader,” making it clear the painting captured more than just our attention at Pink Magazine.

We had the opportunity to speak to the artist behind the artwork, Lauren Terrett, for this month’s issue. While the Connecticut native discovered her affinity for painting in high-school, the artist decided to pursue a career as a registered nurse instead. “I put art on hold, I was too young to understand what would be necessary to even make a living in art.” It wasn’t until moving to Hilton Head Island she decided to retire from nursing for good and focus on painting. “When I met my husband four years ago, one of the first gifts he gave me was an easel and he said, ‘You have to do this, you have to make time for this.’ It just blossomed from there.”

Lauren’s work is often inspired by beautiful Lowcountry landscapes, wildlife and scenes. She captures its essence with her colorful, impressionistic style paintings. “There’s obviously a lot to look at in the Lowcountry. I’ve lived on the ocean and on the marsh and there’s lots of colors and wildlife.”

“The Reader,” an acrylic impressionistic painting, was inspired by a real-life scene on one of the island’s many beaches. “It was very windy, and I was watching this lady who was trying to arrange her book and her hat; she just had too much going on. I told my husband ‘as soon as she stops, I’m going to take her picture,’” she laughed, recalling the moment. The painting, which was finished in a few short weeks, encapsulates the scene of the subject’s determination and the beauty of frustrating real-life moments.

There’s no question why Lauren, who is a partner at the La Petite Gallery in Bluffton, has been making her mark in the Hilton Head/Bluffton art scene.

You can hire her for commissions, or view and purchase her art at La Petite Gallery, where she works every Thursday, or visit www.facebook.com/ColoredCanvas-Paintings-by-Lauren-Terrett-502080636627390

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