About the Artist - Maggy-Pierre Pelissier

February 2021 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Maggy-Pierre Pelissier
By Jacie Elizabeth Millen

“I feel incredibly lucky that I am allowed to be an artist,” said Maggy-Pierre Pelissier. Born in Algeria and raised in France, Maggy found her niche and love for art, as she learned how to draw before she knew how to write  “As a little girl, I would stare at boxes of paint, and couldn’t even touch them, they were so beautiful,” she explained.

Advised by her parents to study business, Maggy followed directions, but eventually entered an art program in Grenoble. “Growing up, wanting to be an artist was like a bad word. Art was supposed to be a hobby, not a career, but I believe I am lucky it is my life.” Maggy added, “I have been given my license. You get a driver’s license to drive. I believe I was blessed with a license to paint.”

In 1986, Maggy and her three children moved to California, where she finally felt she could dig deeper into her art career. While showing her artwork and collections and creating illustrations for children’s books, Maggy managed to rack up 30 years of teaching. No longer teaching, Maggy currently resides on Hilton Head Island, where she paints full time from her creative, colorful studio, which is a work of art in and of itself.

Out of all the collections she has created the illustrations for her new book, The Amazing Alphabet Book of the Last Dodo Bird are among her favorites. A collaboration with her daughter, Cecile Gabrielle Gregoire, the book is a wild, beautiful, colorful, creative take on the classic ABC book. As the narrator, the last dodo bird takes readers on a surreal, whimsical, A to Z journey deep into the ani-mal kingdom of the exotic and unique. Each letter is brought to life with spectacu-lar illustrations of animals, reptiles, birds, and insects, many on the path to extinction, just like the dodos. This intellectually intricate book is put together perfectly not just for children to enjoy, it is a visual delight for everyone!

Her other art collections include sea life, Japanese geishas, birds and so much more, all inspired from her journey and experiences around the world. Maggy’s love for travel has taken her to many countries and amazing places, all from which she has soaked in inspiration. Maggy’s eye for the world and talent for com-posing multiple ideas into one piece of work shows her expertise of bringing beauty and order one brush stroke at a time. Her talented hands have mastered the mediums of ink, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, and oils.

Maggy-Pierre Pelissier is not only an artist, but also a work of art, herself. She is cool, hip, funky, chic and has the sweetest soul and a heart for her work, as with the people around her. Her students, family and fans all love this magnificent woman, as she is an inspiration and an encourager for all who want to follow their hearts. This is why we chose her powerful and passionate piece, “Red Geisha” as our February cover. It is a part of her Geisha Collection, inspired by her residency in Japan. The collection lovingly honors Geisha women and their culture.

To find her book, The Amazing Alphabet Book of the Last Dodo Bird, view her artwork
and get an inside peek at her amazing studios, visit www.maggypierre.com.

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