About the Artist - Mira Scott


It’s a jungle out there…on this month’s cover. So much to see and discover—can you find the secret? The three enchanted birds each sharing a secret with “The Goddess,” inspired by artist Mira Scott’s daughter, are an African Grey, a White Bellied Caique and … what is the secret, you ask?
Alis Volat Propriis: She flies with her own wings. Surrounded by angels’ trumpets, brightly colored hibiscus, variegated ginger and monkey ball vines, can you find the motionless little observer?
A goddess has many facets, names and aspects. The worship of goddesses dates back to Paleolithic times. Evidence indicates most ancient tribes and cultures were matriarchal. Among the first human images discovered are the “Venus figures,” nude female figures dating back to the Cro-Magnons between 35,000 and 10,000 BC.

Throughout the eons of history, the goddess is seen as a creatress, virgin, mother, destroyer, warrior, huntress, homemaker, wife, artist, jurist, healer and sorcerer. She has acquired a thousand names and a thousand faces, but almost always has represented nature. The goddess is associated with the sun and moon, the earth and the sky. (Excerpts from The Mystica)

From her childhood in rural Quebec, and through almost four decades on Hilton Head Island, Mira Scott, this month’s Pink Magazine cover artist, has responded artfully to the colorful, animated world around her. Mira works in gouache, acrylic and mixed media, using playful images, grids and patterns to illustrate stories related to both her youth in Canada and to the surrounding Lowcountry flora and fauna where she now calls home.  Her unparalleled use of brilliant color is her finest attribute, “All things are connected, and my paintings reflect the associations and memories of my life,” Mira said.

Her zookeeper, dolphin-trainer, Scottish French-Canadian father nurtured her understanding and love for the creatures of the land, sky and water. Her mother’s Russian-Polish heritage has influenced her work in her use of detailed repetitive patterns, often seen in European folk work. Mira grew from a young watercolorist, surprised by her use of increasingly vibrant colors, to an accomplished etching artist, working in monochrome. Eventually full-living color returned to both her art and attitude with a graceful vengeance. Her most recent work expands her colorful vision to blend reality with dreams and memories.

Mira opened Picture This Gallery on Hilton Head Island in 1985. Her south-end gallery serves as a valuable social gathering spot for artists, patrons and friends, hosting noted artists, student art shows, local authors and other special events. Mira is also a founding member of the Arts and Cultural Council of Hilton Head.

To peek into the colorful world of Mira Scott, visit Picture This Gallery at 26 Palmetto Bay Rd., Suite 3 in the DanCar building on Hilton Head, where her and other artists’ works can be viewed and purchased in person. Mira offers expert professional framing services, as well as direction for restoration. Call 843-842-5299 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Enter the online world of Mira Scott and discover the MiraMira Studio line of products:  
https://squareup.com/store/miramira; Facebook: Mira, Mira;  Website: www.miramirastudio.com.