About the Artist: Molly Harrison


October 2023 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Molly Harrison


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“I have always been enchanted by beautiful fantastical masterpieces. Some love abstract art, some love realistic, some love wood carving, ceramics, or glass blowing; for me, it is fantasy art.”

Self-taught, fantasy artist Molly Harrison is a weaver of tales through captivating watercolor and ink artwork. When bringing her visions to life, Molly creates powerful compositions, usually featuring a female character, the moon, and atmosphere. “I hope my work inspires women to be their most powerful, in essence, meaning to embrace their femininity with abandon. Make no apologies for being beautifully, uniquely you,” Molly shared.

A mother of two teenagers, three cats, and a shih-poo dog (all the loves of her life), Molly lives in the Northern California Valley, about 90 miles north of Sacramento, overlooking a beautiful canyon where wildlife abounds. Surrounded by inspiration, Molly’s is influenced by every where and everything—many other artists, the seasons, music, film, nature, animals, emotions, colors.  She loves crafting and finds deep satisfaction in making things. 

“I have been an artist all my life. You can always find me doodling, drawing, writing, painting....it's just something I love; it’s a part of me. I’m lucky to be able to do art for my job!” Molly exclaimed.

Her latest venture is creating coloring books. She’s bringing her artwork to the hands of other art lovers in more than 50 coloring books. Molly finds it particularly heartwarming and rewarding when she receives an email or message from someone who has been going through a difficult time in their life and tell her how much they love her work. “Coloring can help disengage from the problems life throws in our path, even for just a little while. It is absolutely gratifying, and I am always humbled and honored when I see the wonderful renditions people come up with,” she said.

“When your mind is racing, it’s great to slow down and concentrate on creating something. Coloring provides that for many people. It keeps you in the moment so your mind doesn’t start fretting or regretting.”

When asked what her favorite fairy tale was, Molly couldn’t pick just one because she enjoys them all. However, she finds Alice in Wonderland captivating because of the range of personality types depicted in the characters, from innocent to strange and dark.

“I have been inspired by the atmosphere, mood, and seasonal beauty in many of the fairy tales, especially in the newer films that have emerged over the years.”

Her work creates her own fairy tales, leaving us all wanting to jump in and be a part of her characters' colorful and fantastical worlds.

You can find a plethora of Molly Harrison’s work and her coloring books at www.mollyharrisonart.com and her Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/MollyHarrisonArt. To view some of her works in progress and giveaways visit her Facebook page @TheFantasyArtofMollyHarrison and Instagram @mollyharrisonart.

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