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April 2022 Issue
Photography (top) by Cassidy Dunn Photography

Ivey Savage
Hometown: Beaufort
Family: Owen (husband), Brayden (13), Ivey (8), Azalea (6)

OK. We’re jealous! When everyone else is donning yoga pants you always seem perfectly put together. Tell us your secret and what dressing stylishly means to you?
I certainly have days in yoga pants, but I do love a pair of jeans. Jeans have always been my comfort piece. The trickier part is making sure you have a cute top to throw on with them and a pair of go-to shoes to make mornings easy. We have a great source of local shops to get things from! Dressing stylish is all about having fun and feeling good.

What three things are “Signature Ivey?” Is there something you do that always completes your look?
Again, I love a go-to pair of jeans! That seems boring but if you find that one pair or brand that fits you just right, it makes a world of difference. I think an easy button-down tucked or tied is a common piece for me. It’s easy and dresses up your jeans. And, I would say a nice pair of shoes and accessories make me feel like my look is complete.

Our theme this month is #Style&Grace. What does that mean to you? And, how are you raising your son and daughters to embody style and grace as they grow up?
Honestly, I don’t put much pressure on my children when it comes to style. They can express themselves the way that they feel. However, grace, this is very important to me. When it comes to grace, my children know to always show grace and to always be kind. We love our community and the people in it, and we will hope to show understanding to everyone’s circumstances. This is what it is all about!

You and your family are very active in the community. Tell us about your top three charitable endeavors and their importance to you:
1) Open Land Trust 2) Historic Beaufort Foundation 3) Child Abuse Prevention Association. Open Land Trust and Historic Beaufort Foundation are both very important to my husband, Owen, and me. We love Beaufort for all of its natural beauty and historical charm. Open Land Trust was the first land trust in South Carolina, and for 50 years they have protected our natural landscapes and scenic areas. Historic Beaufort Foundation works to preserve and protect our historical sites, architecture and artifacts. Beaufort is extremely rich in history. When you really get to know Beaufort, it would be impossible to not see the importance of preserving it. Both of these organizations work to keep Beaufort special and authentic. I wish all locals would dive into both of these organizations. Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA) is a no brainer. This organization has the whole Savage family’s heart. How could you not love this organization for what they do to advocate and protect children?

Your gift for throwing a fantastic fundraiser really sparkled as
Co-Chair of Historic Beaufort Foundation’s Libations with Lafayette. Tell us your top 3 secrets of party planning:
Beautiful locations! Who doesn’t love to spend an evening in the shadows of a beautiful historic home or along the Beaufort River!
Local vendors! We have wonderful, well-loved vendors that people flock to! I know people will show up anytime I hire The Sushi Dude, Chef Garrett Priester, or True Star Bartending for an event. There are so many more in this town I could name! At Libations we had Lowcountry Produce, Q on Bay, Breakwater and so many others bring their best. Beaufort has amazing locals that make events shine. What an amazing feeling to know this town cares and shows up!
Last but not least, a good team! We had a wonderful group who came together for Libations. It takes a lot of time and effort to do these fundraisers. Our community is so willing to get together and support our non-profits in this way. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people through these events. Donna Dehncke was the other co-chair for Libations. Through that event and many other fundraisers, she has become one of my favorite people. Courtney Dukes and I are currently working so hard on the Lafayette Soiree for Historic Beaufort Foundation. We are excited to bring this well-loved event back after two years of cancellation due to covid.

As a Southern Belle, we know you are filled with both grit and grace. Give us the scoop about that gritty side.
My family and I have a big love for Lowcountry life and the surrounding sea islands. Crab Island has a very special place in our heart. We camp out there often and love the fish camp life. Obviously this is not glamorous but I love that about Lowcountry life. You can drop everything, go slow, fish, clam, swim in the creeks and not worry about anything. My kids roll in the pluff mud and run through the woods; nothing makes me happier.

You stay so busy! What do you do to take time for yourself? I love to read! Sitting down with a good book helps me relax. Once in awhile a good massage or facial does the trick, too!

We hear your hubby has some dance moves! Tell us about his recent appearance at CAPA’s Dancing With Our Stars where y’all raised $28,611 for Team 7.
As I said before we love CAPA! Throughout the years we have done little things here and there for the organization but this was an opportunity to really make a difference. It was an honor for Owen and me to fundraise in this way for them. And it was fun! We threw quite a few get togethers and parties where we asked guests to make minimum donations toward CAPA and enjoy food and drinks for the evening. They were a big hit! We did a sushi night and a brunch at the Social Betty. Lively productions did an excellent job putting everything together, and the Flewelling family put on an oyster roast. Our friends and family really came together for us. It was the best feeling!

What are you currently ROARING about?

Historic Beaufort Foundation’s Lafayette Soiree! I’m so excited to co-chair with Courtney Dukes this year and put on a great fundraiser. The event will take place at a beautiful historic location on Factory Creek on May 14.Tickets are on sale at https://historicbeaufort.org. I am also excited about Brunch on the Bluff for Open Land Trust on April 23, as well. We have some fantastic events for locals to get involved in the best way!

12 Quick Bites
Heels or Sandals? I wear what the outfit requires!
Gardening or Decorating? Decorating
Prada or Louis Vuitton? Louis Vuitton
Fiction or Non-fiction? BOTH! I love historical fiction and non-fiction.
But I will read all the things!
Beach Day or Boat Day? Boat Day
Lipstick—Pinks or Reds? Pink but red, too! I love a good lipstick!
Home Cooking or Take Out? Home, as long as my husband is cooking!!
He is the chef.
Basic Black or Lots of Color? Color!
Ladies’ Lunch or Girls’ Night Out? Ladies lunch.
Paris or Rome? BOTH
Cinderella or Belle? Belle, because books! “It’s not right for a women to read. Soon she starts getting ideas, and thinking.” —Gaston, Beauty and the Beast. Boy, have we showed him up!
Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn? Jackie O