Tracy Blusewicz, MD

Hear Me Roar

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A Roar of Triumph in Women's Health
Here at Home and Across the World

Tracy Blusewicz, MD, FACOG, DABOM

Certifications: Board Certified American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Board Certified American Board of Obesity Medicine
Education: Rutgers University Georgetown Medical School
Family: Proud mother of Cole, Stella, and Cami. Married to Jason for 22 years.

Pink: Tracy, congratulations on becoming Board Certified in Obesity Medicine! Can you share what it took to achieve this significant accreditation?
Dr. Blusewicz: Thank you! Board certification is no small feat. It involved extensive training, attending conferences, daily patient experiences, and studying rigorously for a comprehensive exam. Balancing this with my full-time Gynecology practice, Med Spa, research projects, and global engagements was challenging, but the expanding field of Obesity Medicine, with its successful options for patients, motivated me to persevere. The 4-hour board certification exam was one of the most complex I've taken. I actually cried tears of joy when I passed!

Pink: Your journey in OBGYN and gynecology spans over 25 years.
What inspired you to delve into the study of obesity?
Dr. Blusewicz: The growing need to address weight and obesity in my practice was undeniable. Over time, I realized the importance of looking at the person as a whole. You can't fix a patient issue without addressing its roots, and weight influences so many aspects of our lives. It's like having leaks in your roof—you can keep putting buckets to catch the water, but fixing the roof eliminates the need for those buckets. Addressing weight can eliminate the need for medications to fix issues caused by being overweight or obese.
I wanted the most specialized and up-to-date knowledge to help my patients, and I've already seen remarkable success with weight loss.

Pink: What were the three most significant takeaways from your obesity fellowship?
Dr. Blusewicz: First, the realization of the wide range of issues obesity worsens or causes was eye-opening. Beyond hypertension and diabetes, it extends to conditions like certain cancers, fatty liver, sleep apnea, joint problems, urinary incontinence, and depression. Second, the effectiveness of newer GLP-1 agonist injections in significant weight loss was remarkable. Learning the ins and outs of prescribing and guiding patients on their use, alongside diet and exercise plans, has been transformative. Last, discovering the prevalence of obesity—over 75% of Americans in 2022 were overweight or obese, with predictions reaching 95% by 2025. This opened my eyes to the multitude of patients I could help.

Pink: Your personal struggles with weight, shared by your mother, have been significant. How has your experience influenced your approach to patients facing similar challenges?
Dr. Blusewicz: My journey with weight struggles started early; I went on my first diet in fourth grade. I've been a yo-yo dieter, trying every method and medicine. My mother and I joked that we had lost a thousand pounds in our lifetimes.  With the release of newer GLP-1 agonists, I decided it was time for the physician to heal herself. Learning to help patients with weight loss also became an opportunity to help myself. I've lost 85 pounds, my hemoglobin A1C is in the normal range, and I feel better than ever. When I discuss weight with patients, I have walked the walk. Having been at every weight, I get it. I feel better than I have in years and am liberated from the constant thoughts of dieting and food. I offer hope based on my own transformation. I'm glad to say I have already helped my patients lose thousands of pounds! My office staff alone has lost more than 800 pounds!

Pink: Were there instances where being overweight
held you back in your career?
Dr. Blusewicz: Absolutely. I've been overlooked for opportunities due to my weight. As an obese doctor, questions about portraying "good health" arose. I faced fat-shaming, being made fun of, and being overlooked. These struggles shaped my humor, as I had to find a way to laugh at things in life instead of crying. Again, I completely understand and can better relate to patients dealing with similar weight issues.


Pink: With numerous weight loss products on the market, are there any game-changers according to your expertise?
Dr. Blusewicz: The newest generations of GLP-1 agonist injections are true game-changers. Although GLP-1 injectable medicines have been around since 2005, the latest iterations, like Wegovy and Zepbound, are closer fits for the GLP-1 receptor, resulting in more weight loss. They are approved for weight loss and have shown significant success.

Pink: Is there a one-size-fits-all weight loss method?
Dr. Blusewicz: No, every patient has their own body chemistry, diet preferences, and social and family life. While there are guidelines on diet and activity, a custom plan is crucial. The success I've seen with new weight loss medicines, especially GLP-1 injections, is unparalleled.

Pink: What message would you give to those
who have given up on weight loss?
Dr. Blusewicz: There is hope! Better options are available now, and I encourage them to give it a try. I emphasize that if I can lose weight, they can too.

Pink: Traditionally treating only women,
does your obesity studies open your practice to men as well?
Dr. Blusewicz: Absolutely! We've been helping men for years with testosterone pellets, Botox injections, CoolSculpting, and more. With weight loss, our male patient numbers are growing, especially as their wives lose weight with us.  We have many successful partners losing weight together, my husband and I are one of them with a combined 140-pound weight loss!

Pink: Beyond aesthetic goals, what are the health benefits of weight loss, even in small amounts?
Dr. Blusewicz: The benefits are huge! Even losing five percent of body weight can add up to four years to your life. Studies show improvements in Type 2 Diabetes severity, and I've seen it reflected in my patients' hemoglobin A1C numbers.

Pink: Are there mental health benefits to weight loss?
Dr. Blusewicz: Certainly! Studies show reduced depression, isolation, and anxiety. Patients share stories of improved sleep, less anxiety about social situations, and feeling liberated from food's control.

Pink: Your contributions to women's health include effective treatments for incontinence and vaginal rejuvenation. Could you share more about your work in this area?
Dr. Blusewicz: I've conducted research studies on urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosus, mixed incontinence, and diastasis of pregnancy. These studies led me to develop protocols and handpieces for the Empower Platform. It offers new options for urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and vaginal laxity. As a leading expert, I'm excited about the technology's evolution and its potential to transform women's wellness.

Pink: What, in your opinion, are the three most exciting breakthroughs in women’s health and wellness over the past year?
Dr. Blusewicz: The Empower Platform's success with stress urinary incontinence and mixed incontinence, the use of Morpheus8V for Lichen Sclerosis, and the combination of Forma V and Vtone for relief of Mixed Incontinence. These non-surgical options, performed in-office with minimal downtime, are groundbreaking.

Pink: Lastly, what are you currently roaring about?
Dr. Blusewicz: I'm roaring about the benefits of weight loss and the transformative GLP-1 medicines. There's hope, and everyone deserves to prioritize their health. I'm also working on a book called “Empower," focusing on women's health and vaginal rejuvenation options, emphasizing the importance of addressing vaginal health for various concerns.

Dr. Tracy Blusewicz's journey is a testament to resilience, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to advancing women's health. As a beacon of hope and empowerment, she is one of the foremost experts on the EmpowerRF platform. Dr. Blusewicz shared her wealth of knowledge at the IMCAS World Congress in Paris in January, and will be a keynote at the Colposcopy World Congress in Mexico this month, and the World Congress for Cosmetic Gynecology in Cartagena, Colombia, in March.

Dr. Blusewicz is the Medical Director of Advanced Women’s Care of the Lowcountry and Aspire Medical Spa in Bluffton, 29 Plantation Park, Suite 401. To make an appointment, call 843-341-9700.