How to Invite Blessings Into Your Life

November 2018 Issue
by Jackie Ruka

A blessing in today’s terms can be perceived as a gift that arrives just at the right time. Others may see a blessing as a gift from God—a favor from heaven. Of course, the greatest blessing is life itself! Therefore, you are a walking, talking blessing upon this earth filled with light and energy.

Now, before I get super woo-woo, hear me out. You see, blessings are not one sided; it’s a two-way street in the world of blessings. I invite you to step into the blessing you are, the blessing you can become, and/or the blessing you will receive.  

Anytime you hear from a special person stating: “I love you, I am proud of you, you are wonderful,” the Universe/God, releases strength in you. These are not just words we say; these are blessings that propel others toward their destiny. Blessings that a mother gives her children, a teacher to her students, a friend to a friend, a wife to her husband and vice versa are all blessings that can help you to reach your true potential. That’s how powerful the energy of blessings can be.

Even a stranger can be a blessing. A blessing is a difference maker, the strategic piece of the puzzle that becomes the healing balm of what you may pray for or need just in time to pivot you to a place of belonging. What may seem a minor thing to you can change someone’s world!

For example, I had a mailbox where I picked up my packages and mail. I befriended the owner, and had a chance to learn about her life and what a hard worker she was in running her service impeccably, as well as the sacrifices she has made to please her customers. One day, I stepped into her office to say hi and catch up. Susan, the owner, was dismayed and shared that her business was being sued by an unhappy bride/customer whose wedding dress had been ruined during shipping. Susan had told the bride it was important for her to buy extra insurance in case anything happened in the delivery process. The bride chose not to purchase extra insurance. Long story short, the delivery truck carrying the dress ran into a storm and the dress was ruined. The bride blamed Susan’s company and was suing her for $5,000. As I listened to her story, I simply said: “I would not lose sleep over this; it’s not your fault.”

A couple of weeks later, I popped in to pick up my mail and Susan stopped me and said, “You have no idea how much your words meant to me. That was the first time since it all happened I was able to sleep through the night.” She looked as though the world had been lifted off her shoulders. The case was eventually settled, and even though Susan was not legally liable for the damage, for her own peace of mind she offered the bride half of the money for the dress. So, a double blessing: Susan was relieved, and between her gift and the national delivery company, the bride received compensation for the entire cost of her dress. Who knew a simple statement from me would be a blessing to Susan that day?

Blessings come in ways you don’t expect and offer an approval, in whatever way that might appear for you, when you are at a point of no return. Even the smallest blessings that come along add up. Like when you are in traffic and late for work and a guy waves you ahead in line, or you are a few cents short at the store and the cashier says, “Don’t worry about it,” or the time you lost your keys and went back to where you thought they were and a stranger looks at you and says, “Hey are these your keys?” You’re in a panic and near surrender to doom and gloom and then voila, the situation is completely reversed, the skies open up, and all is well in the world. And you think, whew! Count your blessings, right?

Blessings are gifts that keep on giving. The only problem lies in allowing the blessings to come in. Life is an enormous feast and most of us are only eating half of it. Think of all the good that has come to you that you shrugged off, turned away, or simply took for granted.

When life offers you a penny, you want a dime. When life offers you love, you reject it out of fear. When life offers you an opportunity, it’s shunned. This is the ego’s playground, the resistance that lies within “not good enough.” When you deny your goodness, you are denying others; you are saying no to life and blocking blessings from coming in.

We all want to live blessed lives free from health issues or financial struggle; lives in which our relationships are harmonious and we are thriving. Perhaps you are awaiting a blessing right now?
Here are a few tips for

inviting blessings into your life:

1) Allow blessings to come in, you must say YES to life and live fully.

2) Delight in the Universe and presence of your life force; engage in the your power and childlike wonder. Be in the moment of life and life rewards you back with blessings.

3) A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up each day, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it will start to feel like one.

4) Know that you are loved and state: I am ENOUGH! You are a blessing to others more than you realize.

5) Blessings are happening frequently. From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. All day, every day, blessings are taking shape in and around us. Believe it. EMBRACE them.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “I thank God for protecting me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn’t know I needed.” —Unknown

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