Moving Beyond Divorce to Peace

A Retreat Conference to Help You Through

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September 2019 Issue
By Mary Addison

When one is faced with divorce—thinking about it, going through it, starting a new life after it—she is faced with a series of challenging decisions. The key is to move past divorce with as little pain and as much clarity and confidence as possible. But how?

The Mrs2Me summit promises to help answer that question and put a smile on the faces of all who attend.

Divorce is so hard and overwhelming because it touches on every aspect of your life. Divorce is second in grief to the death of a spouse or child. Feeling isolated can have a paralyzing effect on a person. Along with the dissolution of a marriage comes the ending of some friendships, family traditions, family connections and a lifestyle you once knew.

The experts at the Mrs2Me Summit understand this pain, which is why the event is intended to be an uplifting and empowering place for women experiencing divorce. Founders of My Divorce Solution, Karen Chellew and Catherine Shanahan, hope people will come away from the event armed with valuable information, sporting a brighter outlook, having made connections with others who are experiencing the same things.

“I think every woman of divorce needs to surround themselves with positivity and inspiration to learn to love their newfound independence and get excited about the endless possibilities beyond divorce,” says Catherine. “When I went through my divorce almost eight years ago, I felt so alone. Friends I thought were friends disappeared. Going out alone was intimidating. Where does a divorcee go without others thinking she’s out to pick someone up? Where do you go to meet new girlfriends? How do you get beyond anger? These are all questions I had, and why I am so passionate about this event!”

“The Mrs2Me Summit is perfect for the woman who is experiencing divorce at any stage,  and is seeking to regroup and reset,” said Shanahan, whose Twitter handle @Mrs2Me inspired the name of the event. Chellew added, “This event will provide time for women to be inspired by the collective wisdom of the speakers and each other. It’s a retreat with the intention of giving the attendees a solid foundation as they begin this new phase of life.”

Speakers and Sessions include:
Catherine Shanahan, CDFA and My Divorce Solution Co-founder: “Getting Personal”
Dani Bucsek, Financial Associate: “It’s All About Us: A Voice Inside the Hidden Statistic of Divorce”
Sarah Hanna, CEO and Founder of ECS North: “Failing Forward: The Success Story of Your New Era”
Stephanie Olexa, Executive Coach: “Getting From Here to There”
Elizabeth Millen, Owner and Publisher, Pink and Paisley Magazines: “How to Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster of Divorce and Not Throw Up, Give Up, or Kill Somebody”

In addition, there will be beach yoga, featured workshops and panel discussions targeted to crucial divorce-related topics, including budgeting after divorce, working with your spiritual energy, reinventing your style, tips on health and nutrition, and maybe even some dating advice.

The perfect place to begin is the Mrs2Me Summit: Embracing the Divorce Journey and Its Impact on Women. The first event of its kind, the Mrs2Me Summit will take place September 14, 2019 at the Sonesta Resort, 130 Shipyard Drive, in Hilton Head Island, SC. Part retreat, part conference, the Mrs2Me Summit is presented by My Divorce Solution, a consultancy led by Catherine Shanahan, CDFA and Karen Chellew, Legal Liaison. Both have gone through divorce and now focus on helping individuals make their way through the divorce process using a unique three-step process, providing financial analysis and review of settlement options, financial negotiations, and legal liaison services out of their Hilton Head, SC and Langhorne, PA offices.

Register for the Mrs2Me Summit at
mrs2me-summit-event-2019/ For more information, call 215-486-8347
or 843-929-0399 or visit

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