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The Shore Notes: Heavenly Harmony

The air is still. A single note breaks the silence, and in perfect pitch a chorus of 22 blended voices fill the stage. Smiling faces and high stepping showmanship accompanies the perfect harmony of "The Shore Notes, one of many Chapters of the International Sweet Adelines. The four-part a cappella group no longer croons about old-fashioned subjects as in the past, but entertains with a blend of expertly adapted contemporary tunes including Broadway, blues and a popular versions of  "All that Jazz " and "Fit as a Fiddle."

Ohio native, Judy Peters, a 34-year Sweet Adelines participant and charter member of the Hilton Head Chapter sanctioned in 2001, as part of The Shore Notes, grew up singing in high school and church choirs. Before moving to the Island in 1998 she participated in multiple regional and international competitions, winning 3 International Gold Metals. "The Sweet Adelines system provides amazing musical education and gives everyone the opportunity to try their various talents, whether it's directing, coaching or enhancing their voices. How else could someone like me," she grinned, patting the metals draped around her neck, "win a gold medal?"

Once a year in the fall, The Shore Notes, delight the Island with their annual show at the Arts Center, and "We are always looking for new members. It is not necessary to be able to read music to join the group, as many of the parts are learned from CD's purchased or made by us," emphasized Judy.

"It is hard work, but it's fun," noted Elaine Lee, who has been singing with the group since 2001. With a background of singing in church choirs also, she feels, "We should utilize the talents we have, and singing keeps us healthy.

We rehearse once a week at Island Lutheran Church from 6:45pm-9pm, and welcome all those interested in auditioning. During the holiday season we try and visit many local nursing homes to brighten their day, and it is such a pleasure talking with the people afterward."

Among the many assets of this non-profit organization is the ability to infuse the music community with funds to encourage and forward music appreciation. According to Elaine Lee "The donations this year will include the Boys and Girls Club for a start-up chorus, scholarships for the Young Singer's Foundation and area high school students for music related studies.

Marcia Cornell, currently the group's only tenor and the booking agent for the Shore Notes says, "We enjoy singing at women's luncheons, Christmas parties, benefits, reunions and all special occasions. Our quartet, "No Strings Attached" can be hired to perform singing birthday verses, valentine or anniversary wishes, or entertain for cocktail parties and luncheons.

The talents of "The Shore Notes" are expanded through coaches brought in to enhance and train them for regional competitions, in which the organization must compete at least every three years to remain qualified as a Sweet Adelines chapter. In February their voices will ring through the trees at Palm Key, as they study and prepare for their upcoming performances. They will join The Barber Shoppers at the Arts Center, March 7 and 8. In April of 2007 they placed 3rd in the regional competition held in Daytona, Florida and will compete again in May 2008.

It's all about harmony, teamwork and a love of music, and "The Shore Notes" exhibit all of it when they beautifully blend their voices to perfection to delight their audiences, wherever they are.

Call Marcia Cornell at 843-689-3885 to certainly enliven any special occasion.

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