Lindsay Gifford

Meet Pink!


I'm: 27 years young.

Live in:
Beautiful Beaufort S.C. and I am originally from Luray, S.C.
Yes, I know you've never heard of it!

I truly appreciate:
The tranquility of living in the country. I was lucky enough to grow up there and I still visit my parents for much needed peacefulness.

Fav Color:
Turquoise­-with coral at a close second!

Patrick Henry Academy and then Newberry College, where I started a Business Management degree and later decided to double major with Graphic Design, as well. At Newberry, I played golf for four years, which was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Fun Fact:
I've designed 50 Pink Magazines to date, and including our other magazines (Paisley & Spa Guide) I've designed 102 magazines all together!

The things that are most important to me:

God, my family & friends. I believe that without these three things, your life isn't much of a life.

I crave:
Diet Coke... there is nothing that tastes better!

I'm never without:
A good book... you never know when you will be stuck in traffic!

Biggest Strength:
My loyalty.
Biggest Weakness: I have a hard time turning down a fun time... even
 when there is work to do!

I'm thankful for:
My southern upbringing as a Southern Belle with all the fixins': good manners, loyalty, great cooking, love for family & an appreciation of a good front porch swing.

I'm always up for:
A craft project, a good challenge and a great night out with friends!

My Furry Babies: Smokey (adopted kitty cat) and Izzy-Bella (my brother's white lab that lives with us). I also still claim my parent's animals: Suzi Q (my 18-year old calico cat), Bud (black lab) and Girl (English pointer). All of my animals are completely spoiled and I don't feel bad about it!

Wish I had more time to:
Cook! I've been in the kitchen since I was old enough to stand on the stool and help stir. I always love a new recipe to tackle and love hearing people say they like my cooking!

You'd be surprised to know:
I love to hunt and ride horses. I'm a country gal at heart and I believe a little mud never hurt anyone!

I do my best designing: on the way to work in the morning during my 45 minute drive and at night when I am trying to fall asleep at night.

My Quirks:

(1) I'm a complete SUSHI ADDICT!
(2) I am completely fascinated by alligators and watch every TV show
about them.
(3) I LOVE to build things and
put things together.
(4) I play TV at work as my background noise, but never can remember what happens on the show.
(5) I absolutely abhor change, but normally deal with it
well later on!

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