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Meet the Triplets

Meet the Triplets:
Thirteen years ago Tammy Thompson's life became wonderfully chaotic when she and her husband welcomed three bundles of joy into their family. When I caught up with her at Fringe Salon, she told me the story as if it had happened yesterday. "We had already gone through most of the steps to adopt a child from Poland, when God made it clear that He had three for us right here in our backyard. We found out that we were getting [14-month old triplets] Rachel, Hannah, and Rebecca, and a week later, they were here. We had one week to turn our office into a nursery and find cribs, clothing, strollers, and everything else we would need to raise three girls. It was chaos, and that's the way it's been ever since." Now, years later, Tammy is the proud mother to three sweet, shy, and beautiful young ladies.

Until now, the girls' hair had basically been untouched by hair products, except for one terrible experience that took place last year at another salon. When a straightening treatment went bad, Rachel and Rebecca were left with extremely dry, damaged, burned, and broken hair that they have been dealing with and desperately trying to grow out since. Coming to Fringe was like a day at hair rehab since the ladies there are experts in hair care. We knew they could fix the triplets' troubled tresses. Plus, Fringe uses all organic products, being the only Aveda Concept Salon on the island.

Cut and Color: When discussing the changes for the girls' hair, stylists Lorane Clark and Jessica Rahn took into account the girls' young age, and decided to give them new looks that were low-maintenance, natural, and easy to manage during sports. On Rachel's hair, Jessica chose to blend three colors: Rachel's natural color, a lighter brown, and a natural blonde. She then cut her hair to blend the damaged hair with the healthy pieces, but left the length since Rachel was trying to grow it out. On Hannah's hair, Jessica went for a more sun-kissed look by adding highlights for brightness, giving the appearance like she has just returned from a week in the tropics. She cut all-over layers to give her a carefree and sassy new do. Rebbeca's hair seemed to be the most damaged, especially underneath, so Lorane was forced to cut some of the length to even out the short pieces. By doing so, she was able to create pretty layers to blend it all together. For color, Lorane added an all-over walnut glaze to make it just a touch darker, creating a stunning contrast to her sisters.

On all the girls, the stylists applied a botanical treatment that repairs 84% of damaged hair on the first application, leaving their hair shiny and refreshed. The result was stunning: three girls who looked identical, but with natural styles and flares all their own.

Aveda Hair Products Used:
High-lift and Eclipse Pure Tone colors, Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner, Brilliant Damage Control, Daily Hair Repair, Light Elements Texturizing and Smoothing, Air Control Hair Spray, Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener, Style Prep Smoother, Control Force Hair Spray

The Makeup: Once the stylists had worked their magic, makeup artists Missi Colella and Karrie Del Aguila took over to add a touch of color to the girls' youthful, fresh faces. Using an assortment of Aveda products, the artists began with the same base color for all three, then individualized their looks with different eye and lip colors. All three looked unique and beautiful in their own way.

Aveda Makeup Colors Used:
Powder in Innerli; concealor in Balsa; moisturizer in Aspen; dual-foundation in Aster; bronzers in Amazonia and Tessarae; eye color trios in Blue Pawn, Gobi Sans, and Violet Bloom; single eye colors in Illumination, Aura, Lemon Spice, and Azurite; brown and black mascara; eye pencil in Cacao; blush in Peach Lites, Apricot Whisper, and Plum Touch; June Berry Lipshine; Peone and Mango Juice Gloss

Island Girls: After a grateful goodbye with the team at Fringe, we hopped over to Island Girl in Coligny Plaza, where the girls were dressed in fun, one-shoulder game-day dresses, along with Jack Rogers sandals and accessories from Hobo and Kameleon. We all had a few giggles as the girls received honks and whistles during their final photo shoot, and they beamed as they talked about their weekend plans to show off their new looks. The day turned out to be fun for all, and a pampering break from the chaos of teenage life.

Simply Stated:
Special thanks to Lorane, Rachel, Maggie, Jessica, Missi, Karrie, and the rest of the girls at Fringe Salon. Fringe is an Aveda Concept Salon, located at 38C New Orleans Rd. on Hilton Head Island. To find about more about the services and products Fringe offers, or to make an appointment, call them at 843-785-7400.
Thanks also to the team at Island Girl, located in Coligny Plaza, HHI for providing fabulous outfits and accessories. For more information on Island Girl, stop and shop at the store or give them a call at 843-686-6000.

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