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Meet Clare:
Clare Guarrero is a fun-loving single mom and former schoolteacher with a head full of trouble, literally. For 51 years Clare has been fighting with a mane of curls that she has never been able to tame. "My hair is super curly and frizzy and I've never known what to do with it. Usually I just let it dry naturally and do its thing." In addition, Clare has recently been dealing with not only bidding her 21 year-old son goodbye as he is off to Montana for college, but also with the effects of full-blown menopause on her body. "I have no idea what clothes to wear that fit my new menopausal body. Hot flashes are a mess! My skin tone has changed with my change of life and I have these circles under my eyes that never seem to want to go away," Clare described. Just when she was about to throw in the towel, we swooped in for the save!

The Star Treatment

When it comes to pampering, Connie's Creations in Bluffton knows how to treat their customers right. Clare was met at the door with a vase of delicate pale pink daisies, then given a goody bag filled with Recoil Curl Activating shampoo, conditioner, activator and a fragrance tin by Scentsy. In addition she was given a voucher for a free massage at a later date with massage therapist Diana Latteri.

A Dramatic Change
Once we got settled in, the fun began. Salon stylist Pamela Starkweather decided to dramatically change Clare's look from blonde and curly to red and straight! "With Clare's coloring and beautiful blue eyes, red will be a much better color on her," Pamela said. She used a red/brown color by Matrix, then washed it out with Matrix Rejuvenate shampoo and conditioner. Next she cut about 1º inches off the length to get rid of the fried ends, adding in long layers. Finally it was time for the real task - blow drying and straightening. With a little bit of patience, persistence and product, (Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment and Bed Head Control Freak Serum) Pamela was able to tame Clare's tricky curls into a beautiful new do. "I absolutely love the color! I've never been able to get my hair straight and it looks so great," Clare beamed!

Next, Connie Steinhouse, owner of Connie's Creations, started applying Clare's makeup. The salon uses Mirabella mineral makeup which is made with all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Connie began with a liquid primer and skin care line, followed by the Pure Shade Mineral line - Natural powder, Pure Bronze for a sun-kissed look, and Chrome powder blush. To bring out Clare's blue eyes, Connie used the Aqua Inspired Trio, along with various other colors, and finished it off with Lash Therapy conditioning treatment and mascara in black. To complete the look, she made Clare's lips really standout with a lip-liner in Smart, lipstick in Spicy and lip-gloss in Subdued. The result was a natural, yet very eye-catching and attractive Clare!
Finally Clare threw on a flirty dress and gorgeous necklace from Patricia's and was ready to go! "Wow, I barely recognize myself! I look so different - I love it," Clare remarked as she glanced in the mirror! She looked really hot. and not in the menopausal way! After a great day at the salon, Clare stepped back into the world with a new look and a brand new confidence to go along with it.

Simply Stated:
Special thanks to Connie Steinhouse and Pamela Starkweather from Connie's Creations. Connie's Creations is located at 4376 Bluffton Pkwy., #102 in Bluffton. To schedule a hair or makeup appointment or for a massage with Diana Latteri, call 843-757-3301. Thanks also to Patricia's clothing boutique, located in the Village at Wexford, HHI. Patricia's offers casual coordinates, career wear, formal wear, jewelry, and FLAX all in sizes 2-26. For more information, call 843-785-7795 or log onto

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