Pink's Monthly Makeover

All About Me makes over Toni Chirico

The Lead Up:

A makeover was not really in Toni Chirico's plans or even in her thought process. A self-proclaimed "simple person," Toni was happy just as she was. "I don't wear make-up. I don't do my hair. I don't think I even blow-dried it twice last year." Nonetheless, she was participating in an event along with Rachel Jackson, one of the owners of All About Me Salon/Spa, and was encouraged (by Rachel) to enter her name in the All About Me Makeover Give Away drawing. She did and a few days later Rachel called her and informed her that she was the lucky winner. "I was excited about it. I was ready for a change. My hair had been long for more than two years. I'm constantly cutting hair, then letting it grow, then cutting it, then letting it grow out again." Now flat iron twice a week. Lucky if I blow dry my hair twice a year

The Plan:

Haircut by Greg "Hollywood" Letizia (in his own words): I used two techniques to achieve the progressive, slightly asymmetrical look that works awesome for her busy lifestyle; point cutting and heated razor cutting.  In the end, we accomplished a fun, edgy style befitting Toni's artistic endeavors.  She can wash and go or spend a little more time with a flat iron for a sleek, more professional look.  

I don't like titles per say - i.e. stylist, colorist, etc.  I simply consider myself as an artist, of sorts, that strives on creating something that evolves on each canvas.

Color and Style by Kandice Hilleary - Stylist/Colorist (in her own words): The first thing I noticed about Toni's hair was that it had lost much of its pigment due to previous highlights and sun damage.  Not to mention, Toni's natural hair color was 4 shades darker than her ends.  Taking into consideration, Toni is a very busy artist and mom.  She's low maintenance with a fun out going spunk.  I decided to enhance Toni's natural color and fill in her ends with a sleek and shiny chocolate brown with subtle honey blonde highlights. To spice it up and bring out Toni's wild side, I added fine woven, sassy red lowlights.

The Process:

Facial and Makeup by Paige Cope - Esthetician/Makeup artist (in her own words): Toni has a natural beauty that we wanted to show off. She is a busy woman with her art and two children, so the key was to keep it simple. Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is exactly what she needs. I used the mineral based powder, which is also used as a concealor and a foundation to even out her skin tone. To make her eyes pop, I used a neutral shade with accents of burgundy and green. To add a little color, we used "Sunbeam", which is a beautiful modern bronzer that accentuated her lips using a nude lip-gloss. QUICK, EASY, FABULOUS! 

The result:

Toni's Take: "I like it a lot. I really love my hair. It went from long, plain dirty blond to very styled and short with lots of personality! It's funny, I had more makeup on after the make-over than I did at my wedding, but it looked nice"

Toni's favorite Part: "I love my new hair color. The staff was very nice. I already have my next appointment to go back and have it done again."

Toni's husband's reaction: "He was shocked at first at how short it was, but he likes it now, especially the color."

Toni's children's reaction: "When I got home both boys told me I looked funny. They're just not used to seeing me all made up."

Biggest Reaction came from: "Out of my whole family and all of my friends, my son Dante had the biggest reaction. He's very protective, and he felt like something had happened to me. In fact, he asked me just today when my hair was going to grow back. Not anytime soon. I love my new style!"

Up Close:

Hometown: Buffalo, NY  Currently Lives: on Hilton Head Island  Occupation: Fused Glass Artist, in fact, she just started showing her glass jewelry/products at the major shows last July and now shows in NY, Atlanta, Vegas, & San Fran  Family: Husband, Tony and two sons, Dante 6, and Rylee 3  Best thing she's ever done for herself: "Married my husband"  If you could only have one beauty product, what would you choose: "My flat iron. I bought it from All About Me so I could maintain my style. I now flat iron my hair twice a week. That's amazing for me!"  How do you define beauty: "That's a person's inner soul." How to Make and Appointment at All About Me Salon/Spa: Call 785-ALLU (2558)

Future Makeovers
Yes Pink Readers, we are going to do a makeover every month! All of the salons, spas, and makeup artists that advertise us will be included. We look forward to being able to share with you local professionals in the beauty industry and their wonderful talents.

So how can you be a makeover candidate?
#1    Come to the Pink Partini
#2    Fill out our chick-chat question and enter to win.
#3    Check the little box that says you'd love to have a makeover.
#4    Enjoy yourself until we reveal the winner!
#5    Scream loud if you are the winner!
#6    Mark your calendar for the next Pink Partini if you did not win this time.

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