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Meet Jane:
Welcome to Pink Magazine's first Extreme Makeover! For our Health and Wellness issue this month, we decided to choose a deserving nurse for our makeover candidate. Jane Saylor is a nurse at Heritage Medical Center on Hilton Head Island. She has recently lost 15 pounds and is still working to lose more. To reward Jane for her hard work, we decided to give her a new look to go along with the transformation of her body.

Spa Day:

First, we travelled to Lowcountry Aesthetic Center & Zen Fusion Spa in Okatie where we met up with Clinic Director Lorrie Lancaster. The first thing Lorrie noticed about Jane was the sun damage on her face. Jane has lived on Hilton Head for 17 years, and although she wouldn't give up any of the time she has spent on the beach, it definitely came with a price. Lorrie decided to start by giving Jane a medical grade Glycolic Peel to clear out dead skin cells on Jane's face that were making her skin thick and dull. The procedure helped her skin appear smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter, creating a much more luminous look. She finished off the treatment with 30 seconds under the Gentle Waves Photomodulation lights. This machine used the interaction of light to activate cells aiding them to produce collagen and multiply.

Next, Jane received a Lipolaser treatment to reduce the fat cells under her chin. The Lipolaser is an infrared (or cold) laser that is placed on problem areas to break down fat cells. Common problem areas include the abdomen, inner thigh, chin and back. Typically the treatments are done in four to eight sessions and can help to a person lose up to two inches of fat cells. Jane's treatment was followed by 15 minutes of exercise to keep the cells from reabsorbing into the body.

Plastic Surgery:
Next we hopped over to Lowcountry Plastic Surgery, where Dr. Brendan Smith examined Jane's appearance. He noticed the lines around Jane's eyes from squinting, which he decided could easily be fixed with Botox; a quick fix with three small injections on each side of Jane's eyes.

Dr. Smith also noticed deep smile lines near Jane's mouth that could easily be reduced using the dermal filler Radiesse. Radiesse is made up of tiny calcium-based microspheres that form a "scaffold" to support and stimulate the growth of collagen. Dr. Smith injected the Radiesse on each side of Jane's mouth and spread it out towards her nose. The results were immediate! Both procedures took no longer than 30 minutes.  "I was so scared that the plastic surgery was going to hurt, but it was quick and I barely felt a thing!" Jane said, "Dr. Smith was laid back and understanding, yet completely focused, which really calmed me."

Hair and Make-up:
Jane took the weekend to recover from her injectables, and by Tuesday she was ready to complete the process. We chose Sassy Shears Salon in Pineland Station on Hilton Head Island for hair coloring and styling. Jane occasionally highlighted her hair, but mainly relied on the sun for lightening. Dawn Butler, professional hair stylist, suggested that Jane go darker with her hair, and the results were amazing. Dawn used Schwarzkopf's "Igora Royale" for the base color, a rich toffee brown which immediately brightened Jane's complexion and made her blue eyes pop.

She then wove subtle blond highlights throughout Jane's hair, using Scruples Illusionist "Sandstorm", a non-bleach formula that ensures soft and silky hair. Indeed, Jane's new hair color looked natural and much healthier than before. The light golden brown was such a positive change; everyone in the salon was commenting on Jane's new color. Dawn then applied Moroccan Oil serum to nourish Jane's hair, along with AG Fastfood Leave-in Conditioner. Wanting an easy-to-manage style, Dawn and Jane decided on a long, layered bob with side-swept bangs to frame the face. The cut produced a sophisticated style that was shiny and silkier than ever before.

Next, licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist Inez Del Tufo joined us to complete Jane's new look. Inez trained with a plastic surgeon and dermatologist, so she was the perfect choice to be Jane's post-op makeup artist. Using only MAC cosmetics (available at Belk in Shelter Cove) Inez began with Prep and Prime, a blendable gel that ensures makeup does not smudge or run- a warm-weather essential! She then used concealer to spot-treat red areas on Jane's face, using Select Cover-up Concealer. To create an even skin tone all over, Inez brushed on Mineralized Satin Finish in "Natural", a mineral makeup that would not irritate Jane's sensitive, post-op skin. Inez brightened Jane's cheeks with Mineralize Blush in "Pleasantry"- a tip from Inez: blend blush into a soft ball on the apple of the cheek, then sweep it back. To highlight the cheekbone and play up Jane's natural glow, Inez blended Cream Color Base in "Shell" onto the ridge of Jane's cheekbone. The she focused on Jane's eyes- we were so amazed at how the new hair color made Jane's eyes pop, that we couldn't wait to see what eye shadow and mascara would do! Inez primed Jane's eyes with Paint Pot Long-Wear Cream-to-Powder eye shadow as a base. She then blended several colors on the eye, using "Expensive Pink", "Cranberry", and "Naked Lunch" in different areas. As an accent, she used "Nylon", a shimmery beige, in the inner corner to widen and awaken Jane's eyes. After using "Stubborn Brown" Power Point Eye Pencil on just the lower lashes, Inez finished Jane's eye with Zoom Lash Mascara in "Black". Another important step, Inez explained, was filling in the brow to give an instant eyelift. She used "Fling" Brow Pencil to smooth out the color of Jane's eyebrows. The last element was lips. Inez lined Jane's lips with "Spice" lip pencil, then filled them in with "Viva Glam 5" Lipstick (100% of the profits of this product go to the MAC AIDS fund), and ended with a slick of "Enchantress" Lip gloss. To finish off Jane's face, Inez spritzed her with Fix Plus Hydrator, a light mist that sets makeup and makes skin glow with hydration. Jane was in good hands with Inez, a makeup artist for weddings and fashion shows. In fact, Inez will be working as a MAC makeup artist for Fashion Week in New York City this month.

We picked a casual outfit from the Doncaster/Tanner Outlet in Pineland Station. We loved the cantaloupe-colored theme for Jane's skin tone and hair, a perfect transitional outfit for early fall/late summer. A patterned long-sleeved tee, easy jacket, and dark-wash jeans, accented by a boho-chic necklace and a stylish bag, Jane's outfit was perfect for a comfortable lunch with friends, a parent-teacher conference, or a shopping day.

Throughout the whole process, Jane was always up for the experts' suggestions and kept an open mind to some big life and image changes. She was thrilled with her new appearance and the reactions she got from others. "When I got back to work some of my co-workers didn't even recognize me, and then I got home and my husband and son didn't recognize me either!" Jane laughed, "Everyone was so nice and I am so happy that I got a chance to be a part of this."

Simply Stated:
Special thanks to all the wonderful people that helped contribute to this Extreme Makeover. Special thanks to Lorrie Lancaster at Lowcountry Aesthetic Center & Zen Fusion Spa, located at 16 Okatie Center Blvd. Suite 101. To book an appointment with Lorrie please call 705-0811. Thanks also to Dr. Brendan Smith at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery, located in the Okatie Center, Suite 101. For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Smith please call 705-8616.

Kudos to Dawn Butler and the team at Sassy Shears Salon, located in Pineland Station, HHI. For an appointment with Dawn, call 681-4247.
Special thanks to Image Consultant and Make-up Artist Inez Del Tufo. Inez has been a licensed Esthetician since 2001, specializing in make-up for special events. To reach Inez, call her at 719-314-6330.

Finally, thanks to the Doncaster/Tanner Outlet in Pineland Station for providing Jane with a casual and classy outlet. A great place to shop, call 689-6494.  

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