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Cool at 50: Johnny Depp takes center stage July 4th as Tonto

He may not yet have an Oscar, but there's almost nothing else Johnny Depp doesn't have: Charisma, guts, and an edgy-but lovable-persona. The actor, who could have probably done all right for himself as a pretty boy, found a way to prove he was more than just a set of cheekbones and has become one of those rarest commodities in Hollywood: A totally unique specimen who appeals to men, women and children of all ages. So as he turns 50, brace yourself for another role where Mr. Depp remains Mr. Cool.

Born John Christopher Depp in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1963, Johnny Depp was raised in Florida. He dropped out of school at age 15 with the hopes of becoming a rock musician. He fronted a series of garage bands, including "The Kids," who once opened for Iggy Pop. Depp got into acting after a visit to Los Angeles, where he met Nicolas Cage. He made his film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) In 1987, he shot to stardom in the role of undercover cop Tommy Hanson in the popular TV series "21 Jump Street."

In 1990, after numerous roles in teen-oriented films, teaming with Director Tim Burton changed his career, when Depp played the title role in Edward Scissorhands. Following the film's success, Depp carved a niche for himself as a serious, somewhat dark, idiosyncratic performer, consistently selecting roles that surprised critics and audiences alike.

Although he gained popularity with Edward Scissorhands, Depp wasn't hugely famous for many years until his portrayal of the suave, charming Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. With this film's enormous success, it opened several doors for his career and even included an Oscar nomination. Come this July, he launches into yet another promising Disney adventure.

THE LONE RANGER (July 4, 2013) PG-13
Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner, Tom Wilkinson, Helena Bonham Carter
Director: Gore Verbinski
Spirit Warrior, Native American Tonto (Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Hammer), a man of law, into a legend of justice. They work together to fight against greed and corruption. Fast paced and humorous, not like the Lone Ranger TV series, which had no computer graphic or 3-D enhancement. This Disney franchise is sure to be yet another vehicle for Depp to shine, even from behind the full face makeup and head piece.

How well do you know Johnny Depp? Take our quiz and find out.

1. Which is not a Johnny Depp film?
    a) The Tourist
    b) Platoon
    c) Ed Wood
    d) Fast Times at Ridgemont High

2. Who played the father of Edward Scissorhands?
    a) Bois Karlof           c) Lon Chaney
    b) Vincent Price       d) Bela Lagosi

3.  Depp used which rock star as an inspiration for his persona as Captain Jack Sparrow?
    a) Mick Jagger         c) Richie Sambora
    b) Elton John           d) Keith Richards

4. What alias has he used at hotels?
    a) Mr. Stinky            c) Mr. Stench
    b) Mr. Fletcher         d) Rolo Tomasi

5. What was his first job when he arrived in Los Angeles?
    a) A cab driver
    b) Car wash attendant
    c) Ballpoint pen sales man
    d) Grocery delivery guy

6. Depp recently made a video using sign language with what actress?
    a) Blake Lively         c) Natalie Portman
    b) Amy Adams         d) Cameron Diaz

7. To prep for Spirit Warrior Tonto, Depp joined?
    a) Comanche Nation  c) Apache Nation
    b) Navajo Nation        d) Hopi Nation

8. He has made two films based on which author's life?
    a) Hunter Thompson
    b) Ernest Hemingway
    c) Tennessee Williams
    d) Author Miller

9. In the movie Chocolat what instrument did he play?
    a) Violin                 c) Flute
    b) Guitar                d) Keyboard

10. What is the title of Pirates of the Caribbean #5?
    a. Land of Forgotten Sand Treasure
    b. The Curse of the Golden Skeleton
    c. The Shipwrecked Sun Medallion
    d. Still unannounced

Answers 1-D, 2-B, 3-D, 4-C, 5-C, 6-C, 7-A, 8-A, 9-B, 10-D


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