Shawna Erback

About the Artist

Every so often, an artist comes along that has the ability to take us away from our day-to-day reality and transport us to a fanciful place. Canadian artist Shawna Erback does just that. She offers a unique style of dreamscapes, blending together surrealism and fantasy with gothic and whimsical tones, depending on where her mood takes her. With each stroke of her brush, she weaves together a story. She draws the viewer into her world, where they can sit together for a while and share a moment. "I'm inspired by everything around me, my next creation could be inspired by a word I hear, a leaf I see, or a neat rock that I find in my son's pocket when I'm doing the laundry."

Shawna started painting when she was a child, but her journey to becoming a professional artist truly began Christmas of 2003, a month after her father's death. "The first painting I remember creating was of a beautiful black horse when I was only 12-years-old. I gave it to my father on his birthday. I can still see that painting in my mind as if I painted it yesterday." Her collectors have followed the journey of a little girl through fantastical fields and forests, past sad, lonely moons and on the backs of giant turtles and fairy peacocks. They have met her special friends (reoccurring characters) like her faithful heart pet, grand giraffes and majestic lions.
Shawna has displayed her art at prestigious shows all over the U.S. and Canada. She was the feature artist at the Canadian Country Music Awards in 2011, and was invited to the VIP Oscars gift lounge to present her artwork during the 2012 Academy Awards week in Beverly Hills. She has developed many licensing partnerships and her art is featured on a variety of products. In 2010, Shawna was welcomed into the elite DreamWorks Animation Fine Art Program, where she creates paintings inspired by animation films like How To Train Your Dragon and Puss In Boots. "I've been blessed with many exciting moments, but the one that I'll never forget, is the day I was chosen for the elite DreamWorks Animation Fine Art program. Now I'm one of a handful of artists in the world that creates beautiful paintings based on DreamWorks' animated films. When they added me to their website as one of their international artists, that was a great day for me and my family!"
Shawna Erback has loyal collectors around the world. Her art is featured in galleries, gift shops and on the walls of celebrity clients. Hollywood actor Gary Busey said, "The art of Shawna Erback is forever art. Even when you can't see it the beauty stays with you; it is pure in its visual way, even in the dark."

To delve deeper into Shawna's art, see more of her work or purchase prints or originals, please visit her website at This is also a place to keep updated on upcoming shows and appearances. She is also on eBay, Etsy, and Facebook!

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