Skating Uphill - March 2022

Living a Healthy Lifestyle


“Nature’s bounty—nutritious and delicious!”
– The Uphill Skater –

People who are on special diets, be it a fad, a personal choice, or for medical reasons, know there are always challenges. Restrictions, no-nos and transforming a diet to reduced convenient processed foods are all uphill climbs. Trying to eat and live according to natural laws and the foods nature provides is obviously the most healthy way to live, but as we know from what has happened with COVID, science often can contradict itself and is also constantly changing with each new discovery. Food science is exactly the same. As we know more and more about our bodies, and especially how our hormones control what we eat and how our bodies function, we are drawn to foods that science tells us are healthy and natural—hence the boom of kale, avocados, and Brussel sprouts and the birth of numerous mass-produced gluten-free and Keto products—even bread.

I subscribe to a magazine called “Plant-Based Meal Solutions” that has vegan recipes and reasons to partake in a lifestyle that is completely animal free. Among many restrictions, vegan means no eggs, no cheese, not even noodles that have egg powder in them like avocado pasta. Many of their recipes are delicious, but the lifestyle is anything but natural, in my opinion, when it forbids all milk and egg products. Also, recipes frequently use coconut milk, which is high in fat and calories compared to something like skim milk. 

I am a pescatarian and have been for years. I do not eat any red meat, turkey, chicken and so on, but I do eat dairy, eggs, all fruits and vegetables, and fish and shell fish. This eating plan has scientific backing for being healthy and pretty easy to follow. I can easily order in a restaurant and shop in regular grocery stores, farmer’s markets and fresh fish markets. I love fish, shell fish, fruits and veggies, and I know this is a healthy choice for me. I have been following this food plan for nearly 35 years, and I take no medications and my doctor says that I am in very good health for my years. 

My husband on the other hand loves a good steak and he really loves chicken in nearly every one of the many ways it can be prepared. He feels he really could not live without it and sees no reason why he should. He is in good health and very active. In all honesty, this food choice is no less natural and just as healthy as my food choice plan. Eaten in moderation, just about any whole food that is fresh and clean will benefit your body. As always, watch salt and fat. Even foods claiming to be natural may contain too many grams of the dreaded saturated fats. 

I have been telling people to read labels for many years, and I still do it every time I shop! Inform yourself and make choices based on your health goals and your conscience. If you really want to simplify things, fill the majority of your diet with foods that don’t even have ingredient labels, like fruits, veggies, fresh meat and seafood. Then fill in with products that have short ingredient lists. For instance, Crazy Richard's peanut butter ingredients list is simply this: Peanuts. There are many products that offer healthy ingredients and still help make cooking more convenient—everything doesn’t have to be from scratch. Manufacturers know many of us are demanding healthier foods and they want our business. Remember, every body is a good body, including yours. Feed it well!

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Judith Lawrenson is a former Hilton Head Island resident who has a huge heart and is loved by all who meet her. She has served and volunteered with numerous charitable organizations while living in the Lowcontry making an impact wherever she went. She and her husband recently moved to the wild hills of West Virginia to be closer to grandchildren. Judith is an avid sailor, a retired reading resource specialist, and a children's TV host whose local show originated from the Boys and girls Club. Judith is also a long time seeker of healthy, happy living and a lifestyle dedicated to service to others balanced with love of God and love of self. Check out her BLOG for fun info, recipes and nutrition ideas, current updates on nearly everything in the world, and lots of comments and opinions.


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