Skating Uphill - September 2023

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“Yes, I have made quite a fantastic discovery
and believe it or not, it's something
I take like a medicine!”
– The Uphill Skater –

For years I have prided myself on the fact that I do not drink or smoke, and I am a vegetarian. I try to not take anything that can be called a medicine. I know this sounds a bit silly with all of the new meds out there, and yes, I have softened a bit as I have grown older. However, I believe our bodies can work toward health by what we eat and how we move. I must also say, before I share my newfound gift, I am not a doctor or medical professional, which I remind readers of often. But, my daughter, who is in fact a medical doctor, tells me one cannot stress this often enough. So, with all of that being said, here goes: 

For a while now I have been suffering in silence with a variety of strange, but not really awful, symptoms. I have been having muscle cramps. I haven’t felt good; I’ve felt bloated and sort of down in the dumps. I let it go, not thinking there might be something wrong, but had a niggling there may be a real problem. Long story short, I am required by my medical insurance to have a physical once a year. When my appointment came up and my doctor asked my how I had been feeling, I blurted out that I had been feeling pretty lousy. 

I go to a doctor who is quite young and comes from Trinidad. Her best feature, and I think the best feature any doctor can have, is she is a good listener. She started to ask questions. As I honestly answered—none of this "How do you feel" and me responding "Oh, I feel fine”—I realized there was a pattern to my answers that implied something. Dr. James caught on right away to the variety of odd symptoms and told me I needed to take Magnesium. She said all of these symptoms and perhaps more could be related to low magnesium. 

It turns out this is a common deficiency. And, guess what, you can buy magnesium at any drug store.  There are many brands and prices, and no prescription is necessary. Could this actually be this easy? Well, as a matter of fact, yes!

I bought a jar of 250 mg magnesium, which is about 60 percent of what my body needs. I figured I surely had the other 40 percent already in me. Within a few days, my muscle cramps disappeared, my cheerful outlook returned, and my other symptoms dissipated. Amazingly, I told a friend what happened, and she laughed and said everybody knew this. She was taking it, too! So much for my "medical knowledge.”
Okay, please do not misinterpret me. Again, I am not a doctor and magnesium is not for everyone. My only point for sharing this experience is if only I had spoken up sooner, I would have saved myself from feeling badly for months. It’s important to trust your gut—when you feel off and it doesn’t pass within a few days, go see your doctor.

Perhaps your situation has a simple resolution, too. Even if it doesn’t, you are worth getting it checked out. Take the importance of your health seriously, be your own best advocate, and feel better!

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Judith Lawrenson is a former Hilton Head Island resident who has a huge heart and is loved by all who meet her. She has served and volunteered with numerous charitable organizations while living in the Lowcontry making an impact wherever she went. She and her husband recently moved to the wild hills of West Virginia to be closer to grandchildren. Judith is an avid sailor, a retired reading resource specialist, and a children's TV host whose local show originated from the Boys and Girls' Club. Judith is also a long-time seeker of healthy, happy living and a lifestyle dedicated to service to others, balanced with love of God and love of self. Check out her blog for fun info, recipes and nutrition ideas, current updates on nearly everything in the world, and lots of comments and opinions.

Though I do tons of research, and have done so for many years, I am not a doctor and I share only my opinions. I enjoy research and subscribe to several magazines and publications and read up on all new trends. I hope you do, too!


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