Skating Uphill - August 2015


by Judith Lawrenson

“OK, so this is definitely not “The Antiques Road Show,” but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have our own feedback booth like they do, does it?” 

Every month at the bottom of this column I ask for reader questions and feedback and I actually get quite a bit. I have some nice compliments that really make me feel as if I am doing something to help sisters along the path of life. I also get a few (very few, thank God, because I get my feelings hurt very easily) that are negative. All in all, I love to get feedback. This month, I will address some of the comments I have received.

Several people asked about my confession of weight regain. 

Yes, that was very hard for me to share. I had one comment that really hit home with me, and if you are of an age, it will grab you too. A friend told me that if you gain one pound a month it doesn’t feel that important. But it IS important if you look at the scale at the end of a year. You will have gained 12 pounds. In other words, that little one-pound will bite you in the butt over time; believing it’s not important is a myth. She also pointed out that after age 40, weight is nearly four times harder to get off and keep off. Thanks, Jeri-I KNOW you are right.

Another reader asked me about the Fitbit article I wrote a while ago. She inquired about the new models and if the improvements are worth it. The simple answer is yes. The new ones are more expensive, but well worth it. I bought a new one about a month ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond and used my coupon. I got the $125 one for $109. I chose the model that tells calories, steps, miles, active minutes and sleep patterns. Others have additional information, including food plans. I chose the one that goes on the wrist and find it better than the one that fastens onto clothing or bra. I use it as a tool and check it every night. I highly recommend it.

Another reader asked me about fitness DVD choices. The best ones out there are any of the ones done by Weight Watchers. Most Weight Watchers products are high quality. I have the Weight Watchers 15-minute Boot Camp series DVD and use them a lot. They offer various levels and parts so I don’t get tired of it. I also have a couple of dance exercise videos but don’t use them as often. By the way, when I recommend something, I have no interest whatsoever in the company or sales. I do give my opinion pretty freely, but that's just all it is. 

My column last month was about motivation. A reader asked if I didn’t think “pride” was a big motivator. My answer is yes; I think pride is one of the biggest motivators. If I did not make that clear, I apologize. We should all be proud of ourselves and do the best we can, but sometimes circumstances get in our way. Some of us do not always have the tools to be our best selves. Sometimes, we don’t know how to regulate our diet, or exactly what is good and what is not. I am shocked, on a regular basis, by a column in a magazine that reveals the calories and sugar content in various restaurant menu items. For example, I love a McDonald’s latte, and buy it regularly, but did you know that the non-fat latte has nearly 200 calories? Neither did I. As I said in last month’s column, my pride was wounded by my misguided behavior. I am working to reclaim that necessary pride by education and awareness.

Next month many of us will be back to school in some capacity—teacher, student, parent, volunteer.  Are you familiar with the term “dumbing down?” Initially, this term referred to the practice of changing school curriculum from prescribed, standardized courses to less demanding requirements in order to promote an artificial rate of success among students. Now, “dumbing down” is part of our cultural vocabulary. This topic has been on my mind a lot lately and it directly relates to healthy lifestyle and self-esteem. I believe both components—health and self-esteem—are essential to a successful life. But success can never be achieved by dumbing down our expectations of ourselves. Stay smart about what you put into your body and the effects it will have. Your health is worth it.

If you have any questions, tips or secrets please share. I would love to hear them!

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