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Paul Jacobs died October 14, 2014.  Pink’s cover piece this month is titled Sunny Gal. It was painted for Jacob’s daughter—Kathy Almeida—last year on her birthday. When her father first saw the magazine picture that inspired the portrait, he said to her mother, “That’s our Kathy.” Below are excerpts from a tribute to the artist by his daughter:

My father—Paul Jacobs—was a self-taught artist. He loved sharing his art with his family, preferring to give gifts at the holidays, birthdays and “just because” versus selling them. Three years ago this month, my father was diagnosed with cancer. His prognosis was two years at best. He lived three. 

During this time, his painting took on a whole new fervor. He painted non-stop—during sleepless nights, pain-ridden days and even struggling to see. The scar tissue and meds affected his vision, but he kept on painting. He wanted to be able to leave each member of his family a piece of his work… of himself.

He created art inspired by magazine pictures and paintings he saw, adding his own touches. I was constantly supplying him with magazines, calendars and art supplies so he could pursue his passion. Our home was filled with his works. 

Even though he is no longer here physically, he continues to inspire me every day with his legacy of love and passion for life, family and art. I always wanted to paint, but never thought I had the talent. My father encouraged me to do it anyway.

Kathy Almeida has found her own voice as an artist and author. “I love to express my love of life through art, whether through the written word, painting or basket weaving,” she said. Kathy currently lives on a small farm in Belleview, Florida with her family and animals. She is working on her second novel, a sequel whose title is Sunny’s Story 2. Her baskets and paintings can be purchased at Gallery East in Belleview, Florida; her books can be purchased on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Kathy said, “To me, making art is synonymous with happiness.” That is her father’s legacy.

To learn more about Kathy’s story or purchase artwork visit her website: www.kathyssunnysstory.com or email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CoverArtist1 web

Artwork by Kathy Almeida  

CoverArtist2 web

Artwork by Paul Jacobs


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