About the Artist: Candace Whittemore Lovely


September 2023 Issue
About the Cover Artist — Candace Whittemore Lovely


Artist0323 2“If I could write I would; instead, I tell stories in paint.”
– Candace Lovely

Pink Magazine is delighted to have American Impressionist Painter and legendary local artist Candace Whittemore Lovely gracing the cover of our magazine once again for an unprecedented eleventh issue. Candace is a Copley Master, trained in the Boston School tradition. From the start, Her self-professed “fascination of the woman” has been in perfect symmetry with friend and Publisher Elizabeth Millen’s Pink philosophy of celebrating women.

This month’s cover, “Beach Music on Skull Creek” was painted in 2021, and depicts well-known local Mary Briggs reading Pat Conroy’s iconic book Beach Music as she overlooks Skull Creek. As a nod to Conroy, Candace incorporated the Intracoastal Waterway in the painting, a place where he descriptively wrote about traveling its waters up and down. A lover of music and retired President of Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, Mary posed on the window seat just like her grandchildren would, adding a whimsical, dreamy feel. Appropriately, this incredible piece of art now hangs in The Pat Conroy Literary Center in Beaufort, SC.

Best known for painting non-confrontational views of contemporary American scenes, especially landscapes of treasured locales and people at play in idyllic locations, Candace credits her grandmother, who once told her that the cure for everything is saltwater—whether it’s sweat, tears, or the sea. A patron once told her that people want her paintings in their homes so they can smell the salt air ascribed within the canvas, which is a compliment to her draftsmanship, realism and perhaps the secret to her talent for rousing the viewer’s senses.

Today’s technology has allowed Candace to expand her artistic vision of nature’s coastal beauty in various mediums. In addition to her fine art, Candace has created a series of coloring books, Color With Candace Whittemore Lovely Hilton Head Island: The Impressionist Way, available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

An energetic and passionate artist, Candace has struggled with medical maladies in the past couple years. She suffered a stroke at the end of 2021, leaving her with limited mobility in her left, dominant hand. And she is now rehabbing from a total knee replacement. While she struggles with having to take a break from her art, she still answered my “How are you?” with her faithful response: “Blessed and highly favored.” She is taking her slow recovery as an opportunity to stop and smell the roses, keeping her faith strong and remembering that God has a plan. Candace wanted us to share her medical issues with you in hopes you will keep her in your prayers. In the meantime, she is enjoying sharing her artwork and the incredible journeys her talent has lead her on with followers through social media.

Candace can be contacted by phone 843-540-3963 or emailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Readers can log onto her website www.candacelovely.com to view her work, learn more about her art and follow her journey. To purchase art prints, puzzles, apparel and more, visit www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/candace-lovely. You can see and purchase many of her large pieces in person at The French Bakery, Shelter Cove Towne Centre, HHI. It’s worth going by; they are stunning. In addition, The Great Frame Up in Bluffton, SC, known for their professional assistance to artists in getting their works into digital formats, provided us with a beautiful hi-resolution image for the cover and offers some of Candace’s work in their shop, as well.

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