About the Artist - Rose Miller

Rose Miller is a fine artist and fashion illustrator, based in Sydney, Australia, and published, collected and exhibited worldwide. She is best known for her glamorous and highly stylized figurative paintings that combine updated contemporary design elements with the classical techniques of oil painting. She studied for eight years in France and was a regular at the Louvre, minutely observing the museum’s classical paintings and mastering techniques for her oils and watercolors. Rose was given the honor of being permitted to work within the Louvre’s painting walls area.

Rose also is a respected art educator and posts a popular blog about her creative life and the daily struggles and pleasures of being an artist and full-time mother. She is a person who finds beauty in everything and believes inspiration comes from just being observant to all that surrounds us, as well as being open to new ideas and concepts. Rose is especially inspired by fashion and decorative design, its place in history and cultural impact on society. Her playful and bright paintings reflect iconic design and fashion moments throughout history. 

From early childhood, Rose was creative. But not until her late 20s—knowing exactly what she wanted to paint—did Rose have the confidence in her style and technique to focus on her professional painting career.  She now admits, “It was as scary as it was an uncertain road, but eventually it all paid off.”

As a mother, Rose’s creative time is limited. She has a buildup of creative projects, but has learned to ration and edit them to fit in with her busy family life. She finds being more structured about her schedule is actually beneficial. She only starts and completes her strongest ideas, which enables her to work more efficiently.  

She credits her poodle, Wolfgang, for being her muse.He is part of their eponymous company Wolfgang & Rose Art.  Together they paint “all things glamorous, fashionable and pretty.” They also enjoy a good cup of tea together, reading fashion magazines, laughing and eating cake. 

Pink is pleased to present the work of renowned artist from “Down Under”, Rose Miller. 

To purchase prints and original paintings please visit her Etsy Store: www.wolfgangandrose.etsy.com and her website and blog: www.wolfgangandrose.com.

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