About the Artist - Vera Levan Espinoza

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Vera Levan Espinoza resides in Heredia, Costa Rica where she was born. She is a wife, the mother of one daughter and a French teacher for local high school students. Besides her native Spanish, Vera speaks fluent Russian, French and some English. She loves to travel and is interested in culinary arts. 

A woman of many interests with an obvious talent for languages, Vera discovered a new language in 2008 to express herself. She started painting. Her cover piece for Pink this month is titled “Waiting for an Answer.” It presents an important theme in Vera’s work: the deep interconnection between people and the natural world.  

Vera is a self-taught artist whose art reveals her deep and passionate connection to the natural world and to her heritage as a woman, Costa Rican and African. “There is a history of slavery and oppression that has an ongoing impact on areas of Costa Rica and speaks to a sadness and empathy in my work,” Vera said. She lives in one of the most beautiful and bio diverse landscapes in the world.  Her work also reveals her distress at the destruction of the environment. “I show the beauty and the sorrow of the disappearing natural world.”     

While there are social concerns she addresses in her work, there is also tremendous celebration. Her vibrant colors explode on the canvas with life force and joyful rhythm.  There is a nurturing interplay of people and nature together. Whether it’s a baby finding succor in nature or a tree embodying a female dancing form, her work is full of life, fantasy and emotion. “The individual isn’t above nature but part of it.”  

“My voice is evolving,” Vera said. “I enjoy experimenting with different styles and themes.” Vera Levan Espinoza is a creative, talented woman whose voice is already powerful. Pink is proud to introduce her work to our readers.  

To learn more about Vera’s story or purchase artwork visit her website: http://veralevanpintora.blogspot.com or email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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