About the Artist - ED HOSE


As a child, Ed Hose was allowed to draw on the walls. In fact, coloring outside the lines was an understatement and thinking outside the box was expected. Raised in Bucks County, PA, she always loved to draw—almost as much as she loved to make a mess. Never happier than when covered head to toe in paint, ED earned a BFA from Temple University Tyler Art School, where she studied performance art, illustration and design. Quickly learning that the demand for performance art was not as high as one might think in the “real world,” she took a job as art director for an entertainment collectibles company, designing movie memorabilia, packaging and marketing materials. There she discovered no one was impressed with how messy she could be. That’s when she developed her current style of illustration, working with a micron graphic pen, drawing by hand, and then completing all the color and shading in the computer.

“I subscribe to the philosophy that more is more. I know the value of less, but for some reason, I am just so much more attracted to more: more color, more fun, more laughing, more cake, more wine, more conversation. This comes across in my drawing. If I don’t have someone standing behind me telling me to put down the pen, I will draw until I run out of paper. I am not so much afraid of white space, as I am in love with filling it.” 

ED’s thoughts on the cover art “Waterbaby”:
“This illustration is special to me because it represents a magical moment. I was at a party and met this lovely woman, a stranger to me up until then, and she told me about a dream she had. It was about a little girl who came out of the ocean wearing a dress of bioluminescence. She was describing the girl’s sweetness and confidence and then said the little girl said, “Hello Momma,” with a clear, spectacular little voice. My new friend woke her husband up immediately to share the dream. They had been struggling with conception, and she told him, “I think I’m pregnant and it’s a girl!” It was the truth, in a vision, in a dream.

I envisioned the dream so clearly while she was telling me the story, I could feel the lapping waves and see the sparkle of her water dress. Literally, the hair stood up on my arms. I knew I had to draw it; I couldn’t wait. I love when that happens. That is my favorite way to draw, through the story of people’s great moments. The couple gave birth just recently to a beautiful, vibrant, baby girl.”

To explore ED’s colorful world stop by her studio at 135 Pier Market Village, St. Simons Island, GA or visit her online at edhose.com. While there, be sure to read the frequently asked questions [FAQ] section regarding ED’s very sexy name...hilarious! You can also email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For her most recent work and random ramblings, including coloring books (and a true “adult” coloring book), as well as frequent contests and giveaways, find her on Facebook ED HOSE ILLUSTRATION or peruse her blog