Hissy Fit - August 2018

You Might Be Missing Out: If You Sweat the Small Stuff

HissyFit 0818

You’ve heard it a million times: Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s very easy to say, but sometimes, the small stuff feels like big stuff. The key is to try to keep things in perspective.  A traffic jam is small stuff. A traffic jam when you need to badly go tinkle and are at a stand still with no exit in sight is a bit more dire. A traffic jam when it snows, and you’re stuck in your car on the freeway for more than 24 hours and your children are at daycare and you are a single mom with no relatives in town (Hello, Atlanta!) is no longer small stuff—enter some well-deserved sweat. See how perspective changes everything?

At a concert recently in upstate New York, I not only enjoyed the music, I also was fully intrigued by watching people. As the main act—meaning the best band—started winding down their playlist, droves of people began to leave. This is when it dawned on me what people are willing to miss out on over small stuff. They were leaving in order to avoid traffic getting out of the parking lot. But here’s what they missed: The absolute best song of the night! It’s ALWAYS the encore. Haven’t they ever heard “save the best for last?” It’s the reason everyone goes to the concert. And. They. Just. Left.

This nudged my brain to think about other things we miss out on because we are sweating the small stuff.

The List is Quite Tragic:
You might be missing out if…you don’t go to the beach because you despise sand. First of all, no one really likes sand all over them.—just sayin’. However, the beauty, peace and wonder of the ocean far outweighs avoiding sand. Did you know it comes off easily with a little running water, which is usually located right where you exit the beach? How convenient is that for all you sand haters? Please don’t allow your irritation to rob you of soaking up the salt air and all of its bountiful benefits. The beach has great healing and calming powers. It relieves stress, offers a healthy dose of vitamin D, exfoliates skin (thanks to the sand), provides exercise, and induces a great night’s sleep. Now isn’t all that worth getting a little sandy?

You might be missing out if…you don’t dance when asked. OK. He may not be the cutest man in the room, but he is the one asking. Don’t say no. Dancing does not constitute a date, or anything close to it. You don’t ever have to talk to the guy again. Just get up and dance! And, by the way, what are you doing waiting to be asked anyway? Get out on that dance floor, let the music flow through you and dance, dance, dance. Don’t sit at the table while all your friends are on the dance floor. You were not born to be the guardian of purses. If you’re afraid people will talk—and I say let them—give them something to talk about. Not something pathetic like, “She just sat at the table all night and watched our purses!”

You might be missing out if…you are more concerned about who you are texting instead of who you are with. Girl, put your phone down and live. If the person you’re texting didn’t come out with you, that’s their loss. Put your phone down. All the way down. Now put it in your purse. Look around. See the friends surrounding you? Talk to them. (Please tell me I don’t need to explain why.)

You might be missing out if…you don’t find something to be grateful for every day. This one is easy and life changing. It takes less than five minutes to consciously be grateful for five things, which will automatically shift your satisfaction level to new heights. Being grateful for people, places, things, situations, outcomes and un-noticeables (fingers, a pillow, a shower, grocery stores—general things we take for granted) is like ingesting rays of sunshine and rainbows. It opens your eyes to a whole new world and is Greed’s kryptonite. Be thankful everyday for something. You’ll be amazed how satiated you will become.

You might be missing out if…you don’t stop and smell the roses. I try to literally stop and smell roses because that smell is heavenly. However, this old cliché applies to much more than flowers. For instance, the other night, I totally missed out by not stopping. My daughter, who is 19, called me into her room around 11:30 p.m. and asked me to snuggle with her. I said I would, but I needed to go change the laundry, or something like that, first. Whatever I went and did, which I truly cannot remember now, got me sidetracked, and I never made my way back to her room that night. I robbed myself of a precious rare moment. I hope you won’t.

You might be missing out if…you don’t give people the time of day. I have gathered more stories for this magazine by merely saying hello to strangers. You just never know who is surrounding you and what joy, knowledge, connection or interest they can offer. Some people think snubbing others makes them better. I have found engaging others makes me better and makes my world bigger. If you’re still snubbing—for whatever reason you have manufactured—you are truly missing out and only hurting yourself. Talk to someone new. You’ll be amazed at what you might learn.

You might be missing out if…you don’t buy the shoes. Short and sweet…just buy them. They will take you places you’ve never been, and that my dear friend, is the path to adventure.

Finally, you might be missing out if…you don’t live with all your heart. I ask this question all the time and I mean it: “What do you want to do with your ONE wild and precious life?” Even if you don’t know what it is, just yet, wake up and live everyday from your heart any way. Chances are, before long, you will figure out your life’s calling(s), and in the meantime, you will be in love with your life. Now, that’s something you just can’t miss.