Publisher - December 2023

“I am realistic—I expect miracles!”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer —

When most people think of miracles, they think of acts so great they are beyond earthly power. Some think of the Bible stories about the many miracles Jesus performed, such as restoring a blind man’s sight and bringing a dead man back to life. While some have experiences that can only be explained and comprehended as a miracle such as these, I believe miracles are not exclusive to the grandeur. Miracles surround us every day, and come in all levels of awe—the only prerequisite in experiencing them is to begin to notice. When you change your perception of what a miracle is, you’ll begin to see them all around you.

Life is not about waiting for something big to sweep you away or better your life. Life is about the sum of your daily living. It is about the small things you do each moment of the day. It is the little things that add up to equal a life well-lived.

During this season of true miracles, I want to share my thoughts about the wondrous acts of kindness and civility, which I consider modern-day miracles. When I stop to truly grasp the magnitude of how small things come together to make our lives so blessed, it’s easy to see and appreciate the miracle of the amazing spirit of the human race, which, unfortunately, is denigrated regularly these days. Some want us to focus on the bad, and therefore, believe and behave as if we are all doomed. I have said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: You find what you seek. So, please, seek the good, look for peace, joy, love, kindness, and above all, miracles.

I know it’s been done a million times—using an acronym to define a word—however, here it is one more time, from my heart to yours:

M—Mother’s love
There is nothing as simple, or as strong, as a love a mother has for her child. It is a gift innately bestowed to women, which allows them to deeply love another human being before ever meeting them.

The innocence of children is like fresh fallen snow on an early winter’s morn—pure and magical and delightful. It is wonder and joy ignited as one! Children are our hope for the future, and the years they get to thrive in innocence are the years they experience more growth, more imagination, and more happiness than any other time in life. Innocence is a solid foundation upon which children flourish. They don’t need to have the worries and negativities of the world put upon them so young. The worries of the world come too soon and never go away until the day we die. Be the source of your children’s innocence. Protect them from the burdens of the world for as long as you can so they can relish in just being an innocent kid!

Nowadays, many complain people do not take responsibility for their actions. Maybe tis true, however, I am extremely thankful for the responsibilities to which most of us do adhere. One has to be grateful that people, who are all powered by free will, still trust and obey most of the time. It’s a miracle that people still stop for traffic lights, still stand in lines to wait their turns, and still are willing to give each other a helping hand.

Our bodies are the biggest miracle we take with us everywhere we go. I am astonished by the intricacies of the human body: its ability to heal itself, its strength to accomplish herculean tasks, its willingness to try to thrive even under extreme abuse, yet its gentleness to allow us to love, laugh and cry. If you haven’t figured out yet that your body is your temple, sit down and give it some deep thought. Get ready for a major light bulb moment. Eureka!

Some of the most staggering acts of love and heroism have come out of courageousness. Just a few days ago, a wonderful fellow writer passed away in a house fire. His son, age 28, arrived to find the house on fire, called 911, and then decided he was his father’s only hope for survival. With what had to be tremendous courage, he forged into the brutal blaze. Both men lost their lives, but the courageousness that fueled a son to save his dad, in the face of his own death, is nothing less than a miracle.

Love is a many splendid thing. It is one of the first miracles God ever gave us. Most of us are born into our mother and father’s love, showered with family love, develop self-love, grow into romantic love, get to experience being loving mothers or aunts, and hopefully die with those who love us by our side. All of us have the opportunity to give love. I can be quoted on numerous occasions joyously exclaiming, “I love love!” It’s glorious; truly life’s greatest miracle of all!

Enthusiasm is the ultimate energizer. It makes the mundane fun and happiness overflow with joy. Everything becomes a chore without enthusiasm. I hate to say it, but we are living in an era of low-energy, low-effort, low-excitement. People seem to only do the minimum in most things they do. We have “convenienced” enthusiasm right out of our lives—and hearts. Enthusiasm changes everything! Imagine if you were met with a resounding YES, instead of “do we have to do that today?” This Christmas surround yourself with enthusiastic people and watch the magic come alive!

S —Selflessness
Selflessness is giving to others without thinking of yourself or what you may get in return. Helping others is the most basic fundamental of survival. It is a miracle that people have the desire to help others, give to others and make a difference in other’s lives. I believe selflessness is the summation of all the characteristics of a miracle. To give without expecting…the day you can do that, is the day all of life’s miracles will shine upon you.

Here’s to a wondrous season of miracles; may your eyes—and heart— be opened upon them. God Bless us All.

Think Pink,
Elizabeth Millen