Beth & Haigler Woods

The Okatie Queen and Her Princess

April 2022 IssueWoods0422
by Jacie Elizabeth Millen
Photography (top) by Cassidy Dunn Photography

When you think of a fashionista, you probably think celebrities, models, labels, big cities and dollar signs. In the English language there is a term called a homonym, meaning a word that is spelled the same but has two different meanings. When catching up with Beth and Haigler Woods, my first inkling was that fashionista has another definition.

Perfectly manicured fingers and toes to match, hair styled, lip gloss popping, the Woods ladies are Lowcountry fashion icons. In considering their outer appearance, their glam outfits match the trends, but with their inner beauty, they are genuine, gracious and thankful, making them beautiful inside and out. With their homemade personalities, wit and stature, they took beauty standards and added a twist of Southern roots.

Beth Woods was born to Southern parents and raised in Hampton, SC. Though even more small town than her longtime home of Bluffton, her Hampton childhood, along with her down-to-earth lifestyle and morals her parents insisted on, Beth is nothing short of a firecracker who knew who she was and what she wanted from a very young age. Now, living in Bluffton for over 30 years, she has been declared the “Okatie Queen” by friends and family.

And what would one expect from the Okatie Queen? Well, a Bluffton princess, of course. Alongside Beth, her charismatic, outgoing daughter, Haigler Woods, complements Beth quite nicely. Haigler, a Bluffton-lifer and College of Charleston graduate, simply stated: “I’ve learned it from my momma.” Now a marketing coordinator for a fashion boutique in Bluffton, Haigler is in her element—I mean, she dressed like no other college student in Charleston, and she pulled it off with ease.

“I feel like I was born to create. I’ve had a passion for art, style and glamour since I was in diapers,” Haigler laughed. (We know where that came from!) Haigler’s passion to create combined with a life-long comfort in being herself has not only given her opportunities, but also great joy throughout her in life. Haigler took dance, and she was in plays in middle and high school, eventually winning the Thespian of the Year award her senior year at Hilton Head Christian Academy. She also competed in beauty pageants and won Miss Hilton Head Teen.

Keeping on trend, Haigler stays in her Sunday best every day in her own way. Rocking big designer brands, and looking fabulous while doing so, she has caught many eyes over the years, but recently, a special someone’s eye hasn’t veered since they reconnected. In February, Haigler was asked the big question and she said YES! to Weston Butler, also of Bluffton, both of them graduates of Hilton Head Christian Academy except five years apart.
So what do a queen and a princess do when a matrimonial ceremony is on the horizon? Go to New York City to Reem Acra to say yes to the ultimate dress. While the trip to NYC was already planned, it just happened to take a small detour to find the perfect wedding dress. The winter wedding will take place in January 2023. Oh, and she found the Jimmy Choo wedding shoes to match.

This lovely mother-daughter duo works so well because they are simply themselves, even in fashion. Beth keeps her clothes modern, age-appropriate with Southern flair—a business/casual dream closet. As Haigler goes, her clothes are fun, flirty and chic. The one thing they both agree on is: Always go all out! They take serious pride in the way they hold and present themselves, and it is refreshing! Honestly, not a lot of people do anymore. The world seems to have settled for effortless casual, and Beth and Haigler refuse to give in to the world’s standards at the expense of not feeling great every time they walk out the door.
The real beauty of these two beauties is they are kind and fun, enjoyable and funny! Homegrown, styled for success and willing to give life their best, these ladies uphold style and grace with verve. Dave Ramsey once said “If you want to live like no one else, you have to live like no one else.” Welcome to the Woods.

Up Close:
Daily Calendar: Haigler is currently working as a marketing guru at a clothing boutique in Bluffton. She styles dresses and outfits for social media, and even poses in photos herself. Beth is finding herself in the wedding planning mode this past month and is enjoying it. She’s a natural!

Family Tradition:
Eric Woods, Beth’s husband, and Reece Woods, their son, both have upheld the family tradition of graduating from The Citadel in Charleston, SC. As many other family members are also Citadel graduates, Beth followed in her father’s footsteps, earning her master’s degree from the Citadel, as well.

May River Dream:
The Queen of Okatie keeps her “castle” impeccable. The Woods residence is nothing short of classic, Southern and detailed—a true inspiration of decor perfection.