Kissie Pinkston

Everyday She’s Hustlin’

Story and Photography by Kissie0921
Jacie Elizabeth Millen

“Stick to the basics; be who you are; don’t ever stop hustling and keep dreaming!” Kissie Pinkston, a certified #GirlBoss, shares these words of wisdom to every dreamer, every entrepreneur and everyone, no matter what age, who wants to achieve their goals.

A self-proclaimed country girl, liver pudding and all, from Savannah, Georgia, Kissie has set her mind to not only be successful, but also to fulfill her innate entrepreneurial spirit to see her business acumen come to fruition. She says it is God-given power that propels her to start businesses and run them skillfully. Kissie has been a successful entrepreneur for years and claims her job as her official happy place. Finding joy in the workplace can be hard, but Kissie finds peace, accomplishment and joy in her achievements.

Her company’s story began in 2006 when she met a woman who had just had both knees replaced. The woman was overwhelmed by the responsibility required to heal and also take care of her husband and mother-in-law, both disabled, and her two dogs. She simply needed a helping miracle. Enter Kissie, whose heart is filled with compassion and whose need is to help others. She offered to help and instantly found her career calling. This experience spurred Kissie to start a home health business, Cherish Companion and Care, LLC, now one of four businesses in her portfolio.

Kissie found her gift of caring for others when she was only 14 years old. She took care of her brother who unfortunately ended up an amputee. In addition, she helped care for seniors and the disabled to help them have the quality of life they deserve. “I told my seniors ‘I will take care of you in exchange for all your wisdom.’ They would always laugh, but I was so serious,” Kissie laughed. Wherever Kissie’s next adventure went, it always led to serving others.

“I accredit my nurturing instincts to my grandmother and the rest of my loving family. My grandmother was kind of like the matriarch of the neighborhood growing up, making sure the community was not only taken care of, but was also doing right. We would start our own businesses right there in the streets. Selling lemonade, candy and all sorts of things; my grandmother instilled a drive in me from a very young age,” Kissie said. She was taught tough love, girl love and natural love, and to always be yourself. These morals and lessons are the foundation of her success story. She is thankful these same traits have been passed down to the next generation with her two “hearts”: Willie, her son (27) and Jayla, her daughter (8). She takes pride in her children and says they make her who she is today.

Kissie’s #GirlBoss status starts with her determination and attitude, both bolstered by discipline. Kissie worked hard, listened and gained the recognition of her clients, causing more and more to love and recommend her. “I try to keep people young… and make sure they know they are cared for,” she said.

In talking to Kissie with her energy aglow, it’s easy to eye her confidence. A born go-getter, she knows what she wants personally and professionally, and she always wants more, even in her love life. In high school, she fell in love with Joe Heyward for the first time, and they are now engaged. “He is my biggest supporter, provider and the love of my life!” she said.

Kissie is something special and has so much to offer. Alongside her nursing service, she has plans to revamp and start more companies. Having more projects will keep her busy and bustling, but manifesting her dreams is all she can think about! She wouldn’t let me in on the big secret, but her entrepreneurial gears are turning, and something new from Kissie Pinkston is about to boom.

Up Close:
In her spare time: She likes cooking, hanging out with her family, and indulging in self-care. But her favorite hobby is working!

Dream Big: She dreamed of being a travel nurse and traveling all over the world before she had her daughter. Don’t worry, her dreams are still alive, and well, they just have changed for now.

Peaceful Morning: Before she wakes up her 8-year-old for school, Kissie plays healing, peaceful jazz music to start each day. “I literally can’t brush my teeth without it!”