Anything Goes...

Ten of the Trends You'll Get a Kick Out of This Fall


“In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as shocking. But now, God knows, anything goes!” Cole Porter may have written the song, “Anything Goes” way back in 1934, and there still may be very few fashion trends that shock us anymore, but there will always be something new to wear every time the seasons change. Here is a quick look at 10 of the trends you’ll get a kick out of this fall.

Anything red. From pale pinks to bold burgundies, the reds have it for the year ahead. Pick your best shade and wear it from head to toe. Or wear a brilliant pop of red as an accent in a special accessory like a ladylike handbag or a thigh-high pair of statement boots.

Anything velvet. Get ready to get glamorous in one of the most luxurious trends there is...soft, sumptuous velvet is going for the gold this fall. Start searching for your favorite velvet holiday jacket now. Mine is going to be an inky teal blue...or maybe a crimson red.

Anything menswear. Checks, houndstooth, herringbones and tweeds are tailored to perfection in sharp coats, suits and jackets. Team these menswear classics with frilly Victorian blouses and you’ve got the latest look.

Anything leather. Leather leggings. Leather trenchcoats. Leather moto jackets. The tough get going this fall, any time of day or night. Invest in a high-quality classic piece, and you’ll wear it for years.

Anything shiny. Glimmer and glow in metallic eyeshadows, liquid lip glosses, disco sequined dresses or even lacquered leather boots and bags.

Anything floral. The flowers are blooming profusely this fall in dark colorful prints of autumn’s warm hues. Check out the bohemian-inspired maxi dresses.

Anything faux fur. Cozy is the buzzword, and faux is the real way to go, as all things wild and wooly spring off the runway and into our coat closets.

Anything lingerie. Fashion slinks out of the boudoir even for fall with silk slip dresses, sheer blouses, pajamas, slipper slides and kimono robes layering up to hit the streets.

Anything handcrafted.
The arts-and-crafts movement is going strong in fashion, with mismatched prints, patchwork, prairie dresses and fringe making a creative, artistic splash in a big way. This is a trend only for the most dedicated fashionista who doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd.   

Anything military. Salute this fall in official style with olive drab jackets, camo coats and lug-soled boots. Soften it all up with ruffled blouses or satin tank tops.

And if anything goes ... then you can sing your own kind of song and come up with your own fashion trends. They just might be a hit.

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