Fashion Dos and Don'ts

For a New Decade


February 2020
By Sharon Mosley

A new decade is the perfect transition time to look back and see what has worked for you in the past and what changes can be made in the next few years. Then make your own list of do’s and don’ts. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Do take the best of the fashion trends and give them your own special spin. Don’t worry about copying celebrities; all the big bows and puffy sleeves may make wow statements for a few moments on the red carpet, but they will make most people look ridiculous in real life. Instead, take a cue from actress Zoe Kravitz who recently wore a Saint Laurent black and white polka-dot gown to the Golden Globes. Now, that’s something you can easily put on your spring wardrobe shopping list.

Don’t worry about dressing too matchy-matchy. Fashion is on the brink of an exciting time when prints and patterns are wildly mixed in a fun explosion of unique designs. Stripes are paired with plaids, and animal prints are paired with everything. If you haven’t experimented with this new mix mash, it’s time to take the plunge.

Do create your own uniform. With all the choices in clothing styles available in stores and online, it can be overwhelming to “do you.” Look in your closet, and do a review. You know the clothes you rarely wear. Focus on the clothes you grab day in and day out. Buy only clothes that you really love. You may have heard this a million times, but it works. It’s better to have fewer outfits you enjoy wearing than tons of clothes clogging up your closet.

Don’t ignore color. If you’ve spent the last decade in black, then it’s time to turn the lights back on and brighten up your fashion life with color. It’s the cheapest way to change up your wardrobe. Most of us know what shades look best on us, but we get stuck in a color rut and don’t take the time to discover new ways of putting colors together. Think about new combinations: hot pink and red, emerald green with sky blue. Give your fashion spirits a lift.

Do rely on accessories. Can’t afford to buy new clothes right now? Then concentrate on adding a few personal touches to your wardrobe with well-chosen accessories. Even if you have a closet full of little black dresses and suits, you can change them up immediately with new jewelry, scarves, hats, belts or handbags.

Don’t forget your feet. If there’s one accessory that will usher us into the next decade in style, it’s footwear. As Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” If you’ve worn the same style shoes for years, start shopping now for a new pair, whether it’s colorful pair of Mary Janes, a chic pair of modern loafers, or a pair of strappy sandals for spring and summer. Try them on, and only buy shoes that are comfortable. Squeezing your toes into tight shoes is so last decade.

Do find a new ‘do. A new decade is the perfect time to think about updating the way you wear your hair. You may be happy with your hair, but you can always talk to your stylist about tweaking the cut or color. Ditto with makeup and skincare. It’s easy to stick to the same makeup or skincare routine you’ve had for years. Check in with professionals. Put on a new face for a new decade. It’s time to look and feel better.

Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock and executive director of the Fashion Editors and Reporters Association.

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