From the Mouth of Babes

Kids Talk About Making a Difference


December 2019  
Compiled by Jacie Elizabeth Millen

You don’t have to be an adult to make a difference. We asked local Beaufort County children how they make a difference and help others, or who has made a difference in their lives. Here’s what they had to say just in time to warm your heart and remind you of the miracle of the season.

“I help my mommy with the garbage and laundry. My favorite part is when I stand on my tippy toes, and I get to put all the clothes into the washer.”
 — Giovanni, Kindergarten

“I help my mommy put the TV on for my little brother. I help mommy a lot with my brothers. I also like to cook with her. My favorite thing is we like to bake is muffins—strawberry and blueberry are my favorite.” — Brooke, 1st Grade

“I help a lot! I help carry in groceries with my daddy. I also make his coffee for him in the morning because he’s pretty busy in the mornings. I also help him unload his work truck when he gets home. I help feed my dogs and help make breakfast—I really only know how to make cereal. I also help my neighbor Tom. His wife died, and so whenever I see him, I always say hi to make him happy.” — Charlee, 3rd Grade

“I help by listening when I need to and following directions. I always help my mom with chores and with my little brothers. My favorite thing to help with, though, is baking with my mom. We bake cupcakes and cakes a lot. I also help my friends with their homework if they have trouble with it. At school, I like to pick up trash around the playground. In my neighborhood, I really want to have a lemonade stand so badly and maybe plant a tree in the front yard. — McKenzie, 4th Grade

“My favorite thing to help my parents with is cooking. My mom makes the best wings and fish at home, and I help her out a lot with that. I also help my dad with chores in the house, and the neighbors sometimes, too. Oh my goodness, and I just helped my teacher today. I feed the class frog.” — Andrew, 4th Grade

“I help my mom with my brothers. I am the second out of soon to be five boys. My mom is pregnant again with another boy. I help her reign in my older brother, and I help my younger brothers with their homework. She depends on me a lot, but I like helping her. I would say someone who has had an impact on me is Mr. Zand. (A long time counselor at The Island Rec Center)  He told me I have to stay out of trouble, to worry about myself and not about the bad people that can come into my life.”  — Leonard, 6th Grade

“I think my sister has a big impact on me. I look up to her a lot. She made me realize that when you hang out with the wrong people, it’s not going to end well, and they will have a bad impact on me. I also think my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Schuessler had an impact on me. She was my favorite teacher, and she taught me that everyone is equal and everyone has different talents. She told me I can do so much in my life, and she gave me a lot of support.” — Phallyn, 6th Grade

“My Gators cheer coach, Ms. Faquita, made a big impact on me. She boosted my confidence and made me feel like I could do anything as long as I work hard and have a good attitude. I help people by tutoring people who need help with their school work. I help my mom and dad around the house, as well. Also, my grandfather is in a nursing home, so when we go visit him, we also visit with other people in the nursing home. Sometimes they can be mean, but for the most part, they really like when we visit with them.” — Jada, 8th Grade

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